Jennifer Lopez, Topissime in a bikini, celebrates her 52 years embracing with Ben Affleck and kisses him passionately!

Jennifer Lopez, Topissime in a bikini, celebrates her 52 years embracing with Ben Affleck and kisses him passionately!
Jennifer Lopez, Topissime in a bikini, celebrates her 52 years embracing with Ben Affleck and kisses him passionately!

Very present on the front page ofnews these past few days, Jennifer Lopez is once again talking about her. On the occasion of his 52nd birthday, the American star indeed makes a very noticed appearance. It also confirms a rumor that had been circulating for some time. Indeed, JLO would no longer be a heart to take. Obviously, the star would have found love in this way since Ben Affleck returned to his life. Objection therefore indulges for you a few crisp indiscretions!

Jennifer Lopez : a fiery embrace in the arms of her ex and new mate


Obviously, Jennifer Lopez does not have to suffer from the weight of the years. The 52-year-old Hollywood star is simply resplendent as she still demonstrates today. Since the beginning of this summer, she has indeed increased the number of appearances on which she radiates happiness. But if the pretty brunette displays such bliss, her new love situation could not be totally foreign to this rediscovered joy. Recently separate of the one who had made her heart beat for several months, the fans of the star were worried to see her single. Her romance with Alex Rodriguez actually seemed to have left her with a bitter taste. While the wedding was planned, the young man would have been unfaithful. A real stab that ended their romance.

Some time after this breakup, Jennifer Lopez was seen alongside Ben Affleck. More than 16 years after their separation, the two American celebrities indeed seemed to have found a certain closeness. From then on, all the questions arose. Is it a simple friendship or have the lovebirds put the cover back? Obviously, love would still be there. It should also be remembered that the couple has long been in the news by dazzling the public during their past relationship. Also, their breakup was at the time one of the most followed events in the media, just like their reunion 16 years later!

A real tear

After losing Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez did not hide her sadness. Asked about the subject by Vanity Fair, she admitted that she had had a lot of trouble getting over it: ”It eviscerated me. I lost my footing, I questioned my belonging to this profession, I wondered if I was not bad in everything. It took me two years to come back up the slope ”. But more than one decade more late, the two former accomplices would have finally found each other. Obviously very happy to have found her former companion, Jennifer Lopez did not hesitate to share her happiness on the Web.

If since last May, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had been seen on numerous occasions next to each other, it remained to be seen where they were exactly. Today, the main interested party provides the answer. American singer and actress share indeed with his fans a cliché on which lovers embrace tenderly. It did not therefore take more to generate a huge wave of positive comments from the public visibly very happy with this displayed happiness. Indeed, the enthusiasm can be read literally in the rave reviews from the subscribers of the pretty brunette.

Unanimous opinions

It is indeed clear that Jennifer Lopez made her 166 million subscribers very happy at the idea of ​​knowing her today again blooming. It must also be admitted that the fifty-something simply shines and displays a happy face. Yet the actress of Love at first sight in Manhattan don’t forget to give a little gift to those who follow her. After having shared a snapshot in the company of her new darling, she is revealed today on the Web in an incredible outfit. Dressed in a very chic two gold coins and orange, Jennifer Lopez strikes a pose and allows her community to discover her perfectly sculpted body and tanned skin. Here again, the opinions are unanimous.

Ultimately, Jennifer Lopez would be the happiest of women for the moment. If she obviously multiplies professional activities, her daily life again seems to display a beautiful stability. After having known very difficult times due to the annulment of her marriage to Alex Rodriguez, reuniting with Ben Affleck today seems to fill her with happiness. It remains to be hoped for them that this new romance is definitely the right one and that it was not for Jennifer Lopez to simply console herself in the arms of an old friend. As always in such a situation, time will decide.

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