the government demands “the greatest rigor”

the government demands “the greatest rigor”
the government demands “the greatest rigor”

Travelers 12 years of age or older must prove that they are vaccinated, or have a negative screening test within 72 hours (for a green country) or a certificate of remission. Otherwise, they face dismissal or solitary confinement.

The Minister of Public Accounts Olivier Dussopt on Monday called on customs officials to “be very rigorous” in health checks and border control of travelers, who risk being returned or placed in solitary confinement without the necessary documents.

Vaccine, test less than 72 hours or certificate of remission

“The sanitary controls of people must become a priority of the customs services until the sanitary situation is again under control”, indicates in a document transmitted to AFP the minister delegate, on which the customs depend.

“I ask you to apply with the greatest rigor the legal framework in force”, adds the letter, which foresees that the staff dedicated to the controls be reinforced and recalls that the travelers of 12 years old or more must prove that they are vaccinated , or have a negative screening test of less than 72 hours or a certificate of remission.

For Spain and Portugal, it is recently a PCR or antigen test of less than 24 hours which is now necessary for the unvaccinated.

“We apply rules which are strict but which are the only way to slow down the circulation of the virus”, justified the minister during a press point at the La Turbie toll on the A8 motorway, 25 kilometers from Italy .

Germans sent back … to Italy

“You just have to present your vaccination certificate and if you are not vaccinated, to be provided with a PCR of less than 72 hours for a green country”, added Olivier Dussopt, while the customs officers carried out the control of a couple of German tourists, who arrived on the Côte d’Azur a few days earlier with a negative PCR test which has now expired. They had no ticket to pay but the immediate obligation to turn around, direction Italy.

PCR tests that remain free for foreigners

Currently, France is completely free of PCR tests but “discussions are underway on the implementation of a contribution to the payment for foreign nationals”, also specified Olvier Dussopt. “Over the year 2021, we estimate that the total cost of PCR tests amounts to 5 billion euros,” he recalled.

Asked about the extent of the mobilization against the health pass in Nice on Saturday, he assured that the government was listening to the demonstrators of whom he nevertheless considered that they were “extremely in the minority”. “If they are angry because we are protecting them from illness, it’s a shame,” Olivier Dussopt also said.

In Nice, the procession gathered 6,000 people according to figures from the prefecture, an influx greater than the number of demonstrators who had responded to the union’s call against the pension reform before the health crisis.

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