INFO LCI – In Paris, the scourge of luxury watch theft: 11 facts in 10 days

INFO LCI – In Paris, the scourge of luxury watch theft: 11 facts in 10 days
INFO LCI – In Paris, the scourge of luxury watch theft: 11 facts in 10 days

MISCELLANEOUS FACTS – According to our information, in ten days, at least 11 thefts of luxury watches have taken place in Paris, with different operating methods. These thefts now affect the whole of the capital and no longer just the Champs-Élysées district. In the months of May, June and July 2021 alone, 177 facts were recorded in Paris and in the inner suburbs.

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This criminal practice, which was observed especially in the upscale neighborhood of the “Golden Triangle” (8th) is now spreading throughout the capital. According to our information, at least 11 facts of theft of luxury watches were reported by police authorities in ten days, between July 17 and July 26. With different operating methods, some directly targeting users wearing this type of coveted watch, others benefiting from a windfall effect during burglaries or assaults on public roads.

The old pickpocket technique is still popular in the upscale neighborhoods. Saturday at the beginning of the evening, in front of the posh hotel “Four Seasons” of the avenue Georges V, two people are approached by a man who will manage to divert their attention by seizing a “Philippe Patek” to 80,000 euros . The victim noticed nothing. This Arsène Lupine of the luxury watch even goes so far as to attempt the impossible by killing two birds with one stone, by trying to steal from the second victim a “Richard Mille” worth 150,000 euros. The conjuring act stops there, the thief is unmasked when he drops the watch to the ground while trying to hand it over to an accomplice who had approached in the meantime. The two men manage to escape on two wheels. With one of the two watches.

“Targeted” burglaries

These luxury watches, some of which are resold through outlets within 24 hours, are also very popular with burglars. This Monday morning, shortly before 6 a.m., avenue du Bel-Air, a stone’s throw from Place de la Nation, two criminals climbed the facade of the building to access the 1st floor where they broke a window to enter in the accommodation. These burglars did not hesitate to use force by hitting the occupant in the face, tying him up with a cable and wrapping his wife’s head with a towel. They were given two luxury watches from Chaumet and Tag Heuer worth 10,000 euros as well as jewelry, a computer and a handbag.

Last Wednesday, at lunchtime, a burglar was suspected of having entered a gym on the rue du faubourg poissonnière (10th district) before breaking the locker of a locker room and stealing a luxury watch. The same individual, according to our information, would have reoffended the following afternoon in a sports hall on rue Blanche (9th). The two victims gave a similar description to police of an individual roaming the locker room as they closed their locker.

Liberal professions are also targeted. Like this dentist from rue Vaugelas (15th) who was going back to his cabin to pick up a package last Wednesday. A man knocks on the door claiming a toothache. The practitioner, conscientious although at the time of the lunch break, opens the door to him. The bogus patient threatens to take out a knife, tears off his “Rolex” and his gold bracelet and flees.

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Violence and strangulation

The criminals do not hesitate to use the hard way, following their future victims in the street before waiting for the right moment to attack them violently and rob them, even if it means leaving them on the verge of fainting. Friday evening, at the foot of their building, rue Castagnary (15th), two Parisians were robbed by several attackers who strangled them before fleeing, not without having stolen a Rolex worth 10,000 euros from them. Throttling is one of the most common techniques used by those who target luxury watches for a few thousand dollars.

Last Monday, around 6:45 p.m., it was a resident of rue du Pont-aux-Choux (3rd) who opened the lobby of his building and saw three individuals sneaking around. The first one asked him the time and strangled him while the other two tore his wrist watch worth 3,000 euros. Two hours later, a stone’s throw away, rue Saint-Sauveur (2nd), a 31-year-old woman who was returning to her home was caught in the neck from behind while accomplices stole her iPhone 8 and her Rolex at 6,000 euros . Raids are fast, efficient. And the perpetrators disappear without the victims sometimes even being able to see a face. Same scenes, Sunday July 18, rue de Mulhouse (2nd), in Neuilly-sur-Seine, or the day before, rue Richer (9th). Damages: an Omega watch worth 6,000 euros, another for 4,500 euros and a Rolex for 5,000 euros. Each time, a strangling type lightning attack.

According to our information, in the months of May, June and July 2021 alone, 177 facts were recorded in Paris and the inner suburbs, against 160 over the same period in 2020, 183 facts in 2019, 184 facts in 2018 and 98 in 2017. . “After a significant increase in the number of watch thefts in 2018, the phenomenon has reached a level of around 180 incidents for these three months”, says a police source.

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