a diamond theft a la Arsène Lupine in a jewelry store in Saint-Tropez

A theft without weapons, hatred or violence. A man stole a diamond worth 30,000 euros last weekend from a jewelry store in Saint-Tropez. As reported by France Bleu Provence, he presented himself shortly before closing in front of the shop, with the appearance of a tourist who does not master the French language, and of course equipped with an anti-Covid mask. After asking to see some jewelry, he stops on a diamond at 30,000 euros. He suggests leaving a deposit and going to withdraw the rest of the sum.

But when he deposits the ticket, he takes the opportunity to subtly steal the famous diamond. It is only later, when the employees want to put the diamond back in its place that they realize that it is no longer there. And the man already far away. What makes say to a source close to the investigation that it is about a theft “in Arsène Lupine, as in the series”.


diamond theft Arsène Lupine jewelry store SaintTropez

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