why the Elysee remains silent

why the Elysee remains silent
why the Elysee remains silent

In the TF1 newspaper on Wednesday, Jean Castex was questioned about the Pegasus Affair but he evaded the file. The Prime Minister deemed “irresponsible” to comment on the revelations of the Worldconcerning the alleged surveillance by Morocco of one of Emmanuel Macron’s phones and those of fifteen ministers in 2019 via Israeli spyware. But then why this silence? Europe 1 answers you.

Several internal intelligence inquiries

The revelations fall and the government does not react. At least, publicly. Internally, several investigations are being carried out, at this very moment, by the services of the State. More precisely by IT experts from the Elysée, of course. But also by the general secretariat of defense and national security without forgetting the DGSI, the general direction of the internal security.

It is therefore impossible for politicians to evoke this highly sensitive work relating to state security. And the investigations take a lot of time: the sleuths of the French services absolutely want to know everything and understand everything. Above all, they want to make sure that there are no new infections that are invisible at first glance, on the phones of the highest personalities in the state.

A major diplomatic issue

Another challenge: to identify if state secrets have not been violated. Once again, it is impossible for the government to express itself at this stage, until the investigations are completed.

Finally, if the executive is so silent, it is also for diplomatic reasons. If it is proven that Morocco played a role in this espionage operation, France must know if other countries could have benefited from this attempted infiltration. For now, it is better not to offend anyone unnecessarily.

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