In Ile-de-France, Valérie Pécresse launches her term of office program

Valérie Pécresse, in Paris, July 20, 2021. ALAIN JOCARD / AFP

Valérie Pécresse, reelected at the end of June at the head of Ile-de-France, potential candidate for the presidential election, launched, Wednesday, July 21, a large part of the program for the 2021-2028 term of office. The opposition attributed this “Precipitation” to his possible candidacy for the primary of the right.

Only three weeks after her wide re-election (45.92%) during a quadrangular, the elected representative of Vélizy-Villacoublay (Yvelines) launched, as she announced, most of her mandate projects during a first plenary session which took place from 9 am until the middle of the night, to be closed at 1:30 am by the first vice-president Jean-Didier Berger. “Tonight, you forced us to vote for 80% of your program”, enraged the opponent Annie Lahmer (Europe Ecologie-Les Verts).

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Waiver of advances paid to 7,000 companies indebted by the crisis, creation of a strategic investment fund, a regional health mutual and a regional youth bank, help with the purchase of a vehicle or ‘a less polluting boiler, or even an anti-theft alarm, are included in this program.

Early calendar

At the regional council, which sits in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) where she had it moved during her first term, Valérie Pécresse now benefits from a right-wing and reinforced center majority (125 advisers out of 209) . The adoption of the five reports containing the major measures of the program was therefore only a long formality, after that of the administrative account 2020 and the supplementary budget 2021, which marked according to Pécresse “The kick-off of the term of office”.

The left-wing opposition but also the National Rally (RN) denounced this hasty timetable. “You could have voted for them in September, it would have been more loyal and democratic” that in the middle of summer, protested the elected RN Wallerand de Saint-Just.

“When in eighteen days [Pécresse a été formellement réélue le 2 juillet], you launch 80% of your project, it is either that it is riquiqui, or that you lie », reacted Julien Bayou (EELV), questioned by the press. “We will quickly see that it is a bit of both. ” For the one who was the adversary of Mme Pécresse in the second round, “We have a president of the region who is already a candidate for the presidencyor the primary of the rightand who truly abandons Ile-de-France ”.

For Benoît Hamon (Génération (s)), the president (Libres!) “By precipitation” in order to “Distinguish from [ses] contestants in the primary “. On Tuesday, the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy participated in a meeting of his former LR party aimed at setting rules for appointing a single candidate for 2022.

“All the promises we made, we must put them in place very quickly to restore confidence with the residents of the Paris region”, two-thirds of which shunned the ballot, replied the president to the press.

“We must start the dynamic”

This applies to operational measures quickly, such as lowering the price of school canteens for the most disadvantaged, such as “Long-term projects”, underlines Mme Pécresse, who cites the regional agency for community service or the recruitment of 1,000 additional security agents in transport. “All this will take time, we have to start the momentum”, she assumes, taking the example of the move to Saint-Ouen.

To the communist group, which accuses it of having “Confiscated” 483 million euros – the budget surplus for 2020 – she replies that it is precisely the “Exemplary financial situation” which allows the “New historic effort” budgetary.

And to the Ile-de-France group in common (socialists and allies) for whom “The regional right has not planned any major measure in the direction of public high schools”, whether on “The lack of places, the dilapidation of many premises and the difficulties linked to the management of the pandemic”, Valérie Pécresse replies that “The start of the school year is totally under control”.

“The high school renovation plan adopted in 2017 was completed last year, with six billion euros and 1,000 projects in progress”, she says: “Everything is launched. “

Not really the opinion of the Ile-de-France group in common, for which it has “Abandoned high schools during his previous mandate” and “Already seems totally absorbed by her personal ambitions for 2022”.

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