Prayssac. He is one of the youngest pilots in France

Frédéric Da Cruz, professor of Spanish at the Istrian college of Prayssac is one of the initiators of the BIA at the college, it is a diploma course conducted jointly by the French Aeronautical Federation and national education. It will come into effect for the 3rd year of college in Istria with the help of the Aéro club du Quercy from the start of the next school year.

It was obvious that this would be the case, passion in aeronautics having to be present within the family: his son Thélio Da Cruz-Toty has been following pilot training since mid-June organized by the Aéroclub du Quercy in Cahors-Lalbenque aerodrome. He was accompanied by an instructor for two weeks until his first solo flight, which he was able to achieve on Friday July 2 on the APM 30, the only three-seater school plane certified CS-VLA; APM is the first aircraft manufacturer in the world of aircraft in carbon composite materials, which makes it light. Thélio, 16, is one of the youngest pilots in France. At the age of 17, he will follow the PPL training (private pilot license) which will allow him to fly without distance limitation anywhere in Europe.

For the next school year, he will be in 1st scientist and hopes after the Bac to be able to integrate a preparatory class for the grandes écoles by wishing to have access to Enac. His goal: to become an airline pilot. Last year, he had followed the training leading to the issuance of the BIA (aeronautical initiation certificate), at the Lycée Clément Marot, acquiring the theoretical bases of aeronautics (metrology, regulations and navigation, knowledge of aircraft, aerodynamics, aviation history…). A bright future in perspective.


Prayssac youngest pilots France

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