the examination of the health bill begins under tension

the examination of the health bill begins under tension
the examination of the health bill begins under tension

The oppositions tabled several amendments in the National Assembly aimed at preventing the extension of the health pass in France. All rejected by the majority.

The examination at the Palais Bourbon of the controversial bill that should extend the health pass and impose compulsory vaccination on caregivers began on Wednesday with the rejection of a series of amendments that sought to remove key measures.

Against a backdrop of noisy dispute by the oppositions of the course of the debates, the National Assembly rejected by 155 votes against 103 these amendments to delete Article 1 from the left, right and far right benches.

In a rare speech in the hemicycle, Marine Le Pen (RN) joked about the promises of the government two months ago which, “on all accounts, had said that it would not extend the health pass to daily activities “.

“You are going to deprive more than 20 million French people of their freedom,” denounced the sovereignist deputy Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who blasted with the sanitary pass “an uncontrollable gas plant”.

“Society of control” and “masquerade”

Eric Coquerel (LFI) predicted a “controlling society for months or even years”. Aurélien Pradié (LR) warned against the “habituation of a company to permanent control”.

The government has swept aside these criticisms, anxious to advance a parliamentary debate that risks playing extensions until dawn or even more.

Over 1,100 amendments were tabled for the meeting, and around 700 on Article 1 alone. The bill must be definitively adopted by the end of the week. A real legislative sprint that irritates parliamentary opposition. It is a “masquerade”, criticized Ugo Bernalicis (LFI).

The text adopted in committee after 12 hours of debate

“We are starting a race against time,” explained the president of the Law Commission, Yaël Braun-Pivet (LREM).

The deputies adopted the text in committee on Wednesday morning after twelve hours of debate and the examination of some 600 amendments.

Strongly contested in the street by a fringe of public opinion, the bill reflects the announcements of July 12 by Emmanuel Macron, of the vaccination obligation for caregivers with a health pass (proving the complete vaccination, a recent negative test or immunization) for access to cafes, restaurants and trains from the beginning of August.

“Sheep are not what you think”

By opening the debates, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran fiercely targeted antivaccines.

“The sheep are not what we think”, declared the minister who paid tribute to the majority of French people who “do not shout”. “I would like to say to this majority of French people all my support when there will be at their table an uncle or aunt who will praise the merits of Ayurvedic medicine or dandelion soup to protect against the virus,” he said. added.

“This majority of French people do not recognize themselves in the indecency that has become common through the game of social networks” or in “the distrust set up as a principle of life”, he added. “Freedom is neither evading taxes, nor driving the wrong way on the highway, nor smoking in restaurants, nor refusing a vaccine that protects me as much as it protects others,” exclaimed the minister. .

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