three police officers indicted for “willful violence”

three police officers indicted for “willful violence”
three police officers indicted for “willful violence”

This is the tragic story of an identity check gone wrong. On January 29, at the beginning of the afternoon, J., 19, went to building 3 of the city of Clos-Garnier, in Cormeilles-en-Parisis (Val-d’Oise), to find five friends. At around 3 p.m., a police van stopped in front of the building, causing the young people to flee. Caught up, J. will undergo what he will describe later, during three auditions that The world was able to consult, like a real ordeal: more than thirty minutes of beatings, humiliations and vexations. And multiple taser shocks, the electric pulse pistol theoretically used as a “medium of intermediate force” by the police. “A story confirmed for the most part by one of the officials present during the control after having been heard by his peers”, assures a source close to the case.

Violence in the lobby

That day, the person in charge of a patrol of the GSP (proximity security group) in Argenteuil begins by asking J. to unlock his cell phone. In the repertoire of his images, reveals AFP, he discovers the photograph of an official of the BAC of the local police station in make-up and in fishnet stockings, a photograph that has been running on social networks for several days. ” A montage “, specifies a police source. Editing or not, according to J.’s statements, this discovery will trigger a surge of violence.

A first punch is immediately struck in the face. “Do you like the police?” “, asks the official. Then the latter uses his taser several times. “I felt like leaving in the apples”, says J. in the minutes, while one of his friends also receives a discharge: “You see, your friend is not shaking”, jokes the policeman.

Lighting : Is the Taser a dangerous weapon?

J. receives several ” potato ” (punches) and kicks, but he lets himself go, “Terrorized” at the idea of ​​being arrested: “I told myself that if they were able to do that in the hall, it would be terrible at the police station”, he explains on PV. The policeman does not take off, especially since, behind a door in the hall and in the garage of the building, a joint of cannabis and a tear gas canister have just been discovered by his colleagues.

J. may deny being the owner, the find unleashes new insults. The young man is photographed and claims to have been threatened with “Rape” while his mother and his girlfriend, whose portraits appear on his cell phone, are insulted. He also claims that the police cut his credit card into four pieces and poured hydroalcoholic gel and Doliprane powder on his wounds.

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