Why the price of eggs is likely to rise

Why the price of eggs is likely to rise
Why the price of eggs is likely to rise

SURCHARGE – The Minister of Agriculture announced the end of the crushing or gassing of male chicks from 2022. A measure which should mechanically increase the price of eggs.

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50 million male chicks are crushed or gassed each year in France in laying hen farms, because it is not profitable to feed them. Between the fact that they do not lay eggs and their growth too slow for meat, the males are systematically killed. To put an end to this situation, the Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie, announced on Sunday the ban from January 1, 2022 of these decried practices in breeding.

And for this, the government wishes to rely on the technique developed in Germany, known as sexing in the egg, which makes it possible to detect the sex of chicks incubating in the egg, before hatching, using a machine. As shown in the video at the top of the article, the machine projects light on the eggs to detect by imaging the sex thanks to the color of the feathers: white, male; brown, female. The minister announced that the five French hatcheries specializing in the supply of laying hens to breeders should, on January 1, have installed or ordered such machines.

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This is good news for animal advocates, but which could significantly increase the cost of producing and therefore selling eggs. As explained at the microphone of TF1, Loic Coulombel, president of the national union of industrialists and egg professionals: “There will be a first phase of investment in machinery and equipment which will cost around fifteen million euros and behind that, we must add about 64, 65 million euros for operation over one year . ”

Envelope of 10 million euros

Yves-Marie Baudet, produces eggs in the Côtes d’Armor. He buys 150,000 chicks a year and worries about the impact of these new machines on his cost of production. “Until today, my chick cost me 80 cents per unit. With these new decisions taken by the government, the chick will cost me 2 euros per unit. Hence an additional cost of 180,000 euros on a scale. overall operation “, he said in the report. “I hope that my end customers, supermarkets or manufacturers will agree to increase the price of my eggs “, he concludes.

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The Minister of Agriculture, who mentions an increase of 1 to 4 cents for a box of 6 eggs, has promised an envelope of 10 million euros to hatcheries to adapt. While the sector requires European regulations to avoid distortions of competition.

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