Pokémon GO: Ultra Bonus 2021 Part 2

Following the Pokémon GO Fest 2021 et al’Global Challenge Arena exclusive to ticket holders, the latter have unlocked the three weeks of the’Ultra Bonus 2021 for all players ! The second week has just been unveiled, revealing Palkia chromatic !

Event detail

The event Ultra Bonus 2021 – Part 2: Space will take place from Friday, August 6, 2021 at 10 a.m. at Tuesday August 17, 2021 at 8 p.m., local times.

Augmented appearances

As with every event, certain Pokémon will appear more frequently in nature, in the Eggs, in the Raids And much more ! Here, the Pokémon of different places will be put forward.

In nature

In the wild, you can meet the Pokémon listed below!

In Eggs 7 km

In the 7 km Eggs this time, it will be all the Pokémon below that will be able to hatch from these eggs, in connection with space !

Eggs and Hatchings

In Raids

In the Raids, you can find Pokémon related to the event, but also Zarbi U and especially Palkia that can be captured in their form chromatic !

Raid Battles

1 star raids
3 star raids
5 star raids
Available in shiny

New Chromatic Pokémon

So, if we had to summarize the new Pokémon chromatic integrated into the game, it would give the listing below!

Pokémon scarhino-sPokémon palkia-s

One-off study

A One-off study (limited in time) will also be present to obtain encounters with Pokémon bound to space !

Details of the Spot Study will be posted here at the start of the event.

Field studies

Some Field studies will allow you to obtain encounters with certain Pokémon of the event!

The Field Studies list will be posted there at the start of the event.

Field studies

That’s all for the moment, stay connected on Pokekalos for more information ! Do not hesitate to consult our file Pokémon GO, or our page which lists all current and upcoming events on Pokémon GO !

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