Toulouse: the T2 tram to Blagnac airport suspended from 2023 to 2026

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The T2 tram will no longer serve the airport, from 2023 to 2026, due to work to transform the section between the airport and the future Jean-Maga exchange hub to accommodate the future Airport Express line. The Jean-Maga exchange hub will eventually connect the T1 tram, the 3rd metro line and the future Airport line.

The transformation into the “Airport Express” line of the section of the T2 tram connecting the future Jean-Maga station to the airport, will result in the interruption of the T2 tram service, from mid-2023 to 2026. The T2 tram connects today Toulouse Blagnac airport to the Palais de Justice terminus, and therefore directly the airport to the Pink City. In view of the arrival of the 3e metro line connecting Colomiers, the north of Toulouse (Matabiau) and Labège in 2028, the Airport connection will eventually be made by a shuttle tram making the outward and return journey between Jean-Maga, the new hub of the T1 line , from the 3e line and shuttle “Airport Express”, and the airport. The shuttle will use the basic infrastructure of the tram portion, but with various modifications to “improve travel time and frequency”, according to Jean-Michel Lattes.

At the turn of a deliberation

The president of Tisséo Collectités had, on Wednesday July 7, adopted by the union council of Tisséo Collectivités, a deliberation evoking the preliminary draft of the Airport Express line and the extension of the site of the Garossos storage center (the site where are the tram trains, on line T1). At the turn of this very technical deliberation, the creation of a terminus for the Airport Express line and a T1 tram station within the Blagnac – Jean Maga interchange is confirmed, as well as the modification of the terminus station. Toulouse Blagnac Airport. The “adjustments” of this section of track (of T2) as well as work on line T1 (extension of the Garossos storage site, creation of a partial terminus at Odyssud) are also mentioned. For an overall operating budget, set through the program and its adjustments, of 46 million euros (January 2017 value): 33.80 M € for the Airport Express line and 12.20 M € for Q1 operations (Odyssud partial terminus and Garossos storage site).

“Limited” impact on T1

We also learn that these operations will require the suspension of the tram service to Toulouse Blagnac airport, from mid 2023, with the start of work on the Blagnac-Jean Maga station. And this until the end of 2026, when the airport tram service is to be put back into service. Replacement shuttles, presumably by bus, should be put in place during the suspension, but details are not yet known. The icing on the cake, the works could also have an impact on the operation of the T1 tram. “Details” that Jean-Michel Lattes was careful not to specify during the public session last Wednesday.


Toulouse tram Blagnac airport suspended

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