Fainting, vomiting: the screening of “Titane” creates unease in Cannes

The screening of the film “Titane” on Tuesday July 13th left no one indifferent on the Croisette. Many spectators left the screening in a hurry, vomiting or fainting. The feature film directed by Julia Ducournau, with an unrecognizable Vincent Lindon, is in the running for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Each year, a film provokes controversy or debate on the Croisette. Tuesday July 13, it is the film directed by Julia Ducournau that caused a real shock among the spectators of the Cannes Film Festival. As reported Le Figaro, the projection of Titanium in fact led to the hasty departure of several people present in the cinema hall. Nervous attacks, discomfort, nausea … the firefighters had to intervene to take care of part of the public.

“I am shocked, it is unthinkable to achieve this kind of thing”, reacted a spectator at the microphone of BFMTV. Another is annoyed: “It made me want to vomit, to leave, to sleep, to close my eyes, to do something else”. “I have never seen in my life a film so violent, so abject, so horrible”, testifies a woman at the microphone ofAlloCine.

Already a controversy with “Grave” in 2016

Other spectators were all the same seduced, like this young woman who explains not to have understood all that she had felt during the film but who all the same “adored” it. Another festival-goer describes the feature film as “brilliantly incredible”.

Titanium tells the story of a firefighter played by Vincent Lindon, who is still looking for his son who has been missing for ten years. He is going to meet a dancer, a serial killer. A gory, ultra-violent film, for which Vincent Lindon has completely changed physically. Director Julia Ducournau had already made a name for herself at Cannes in 2016 with her horror feature film, Grave. She is once again in the running for the Palme d’Or this year.


Fainting vomiting screening Titane creates unease Cannes

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