State culture award to Hubert Sauper –

State culture award to Hubert Sauper –
State culture award to Hubert Sauper –

The awarding of the state culture award could be followed worldwide via the Internet, ten billion viewers are possible, as Hosea Ratschiller, satirist and moderator of the award ceremony, humorously remarked.

Kaiser for more fairness

In his address on the culture award, Governor Peter Kaiser (SPÖ) said that the award is a kind of calling card for Carinthia’s diversity. And Kaiser admitted, probably also in view of the difficult times of art during the pandemic, that better pay was necessary in the interests of fairness. He thanked culture for giving courage for the future.

For Kaiser, the award ceremony is a calling card for the diversity of art and culture in Carinthia, and it also shows how resilient art and culture are even in difficult times. He assured that the state politics will do everything so that art and culture can always express criticism – if necessary also against the politics of the state.

Film about Lake Victoria

The main prize, endowed with 14,500 euros, goes to the 55-year-old film director Hubert Sauper, who grew up in Carinthia. He studied film at the universities in Vienna and Paris and has lived in France for almost 30 years. His documentary Darwin’s Nightmare about the ecological and economic disaster on East African Lake Victoria has received multiple awards.

Sauper’s father organized slide evenings

Sauper said that he was often asked why he became the way he is. People always want to know how he got from the Glockner to the Congo. “It’s the same world, one world,” Sauper added. The evenings on which his father used to show photographs and tell stories about them were certainly essential for the fact that he was so fascinated by the cinema as a medium and that he became a filmmaker. As a “young political refugee” he left his “small village with old demons, beset by the demons of old Nazis”. “Now I am no longer a refugee in Carinthia. This is my emotional home and I will always be Carinthian. “

Diplomat Wolfgang Petritsch gave the laudation for Sauper. Sauper is not about sensation and agitation, he refers in his straightforward way to the atrocities of our age. “He holds up a mirror to our supposedly civilized world and puts his finger in the wounds of neoliberal colonialism,” said Petritsch.

The prizes are endowed with a total of 66,300 euros.

Prize winners

  • Hubert Sauper, State Culture Prize
  • Zorka L-Weiss, Appreciation Award of the State of Carinthia (field of fine arts)
  • Ingrid Türk-Chlapek, Appreciation Prize of the State of Carinthia (performing arts)
  • Architectural Advisory Board Velden represented by Alfred Bamberger and Karl Heinz Winkler, appreciation prize for special achievements in the field of architecture and for services to building culture
  • VADA association represented by Yulia Strasser Izmaylova, recognition award for special achievements in the field of free cultural work
  • Gregor Belancic-Pirker, advancement award for fine arts
  • Sabine Kristof-Kranzlbinder, award for the performing arts
    Leopold FUCHS, sponsorship award for electronic media, photography and film
  • Elena Messner, Promotion Prize for Literature
  • Marius Siegfried Binder, Music Promotion Prize
  • Melina Kumer, Promotion Prize for Folk Culture
  • Stephan Leitner, Promotion Prize for Science (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Michaela Szölgyneyi, Promotion Prize for Science (Area: Natural Sciences / Technical Sciences)


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