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Influencer Lisa Reyes: Drama about German emigrant in the USA! Her husband faces 125 years in prison

Lisa Reyes was brought to America by love. Now the German emigrant stands in front of the shards of her happiness. Because her husband – and the father of her children – is said to be a criminal.

At first glance, your life looks perfect. Lisa Reyes left her home in Germany, Wuppertal, for love to build a new life in California. The pretty blonde lives there with her husband Robert Reyes (38) and their two sons, Niklas (5) and Elijah (2). Lisa shows her followers on Instagram every day what her everyday life looks like on the other side of the pond – and, unlike others, also grants unadorned insights. The small and large relationship problems with her husband come up again and again. But no one suspects how bad things really are with the marriage of the native Germans. Until it suddenly becomes quiet on Lisa Reyes’ profile and a short time later the mother of two reports to her followers with an ominous story. “My husband needs legal assistance,” the normally cheerful blonde suddenly explains seriously. But why exactly her loved one, as Lisa calls him, depends on the help of a lawyer, she does not reveal. The situation behind the scenes is even more dramatic than you can imagine. Because Robert Reyes faces 125 years imprisonment!

Harsh allegations against Lisa Reyes’ husband

That now emerges from a report that appeared in the “New York Times”. Lisa Reyes’ husband is accused by the US Department of Justice of being one of three political activists who misled various election donors and then enriched themselves with the donations. According to an official statement from the Ministry, from which the Times quoted: “Between January 2016 and April 2017, the defendants reported about 3 Received $ 5 million from ignorant donors and used that funds to go shopping and pay for additional fraudulent advertisements soliciting donations. ” Should Robert Reyes be found guilty, he faces 125 years in prison. The same fate awaits his accomplice Matthew Tunstall (34) from Los Angeles. The third defendant, a Texan named Kyle George Davies, 29, could go to prison for 65 years.

Lisa Reyes faces the ruins of her life – and tries to stay strong

That Lisa Reyes is on the verge of collapse in light of these prospects should not surprise anyone. And even if the influencer does not reveal the exact problems of her husband in her stories, she clearly shows how badly she is at the moment. “Every step is difficult for me. This burden on my shoulders, but it feels just as if I had huge chunks on my shoulders,” admits the emigrant online. “With every step I really have to think: raise the leg, lower it again, raise the leg, lower it again. Right now it feels really shitty. But I am learning, or am forced to live in every single moment. If only I really Thinking from minute to minute, hour to hour, that sounds less threatening than seeing what is in six months or a year. “

In doing so, she not only alludes to the impending trial and a possible conviction of her husband, but also to a topic that has taken place on Instagram over and over again in the past few weeks and months. Because Lisa and Robert Reyes bought a piece of land a few months ago, wanted to build a house there and run a small farm. The first animals are already on site. But whether this dream of owning a home can even be realized based on the criminal allegations against Robert Reyes? Rather unlikely. Even if the Californian with Mexican roots wants to plead “not guilty”. But Lisa doesn’t want to think about the house, her long-cherished family dream: “Otherwise I’ll have to cry again!”

Her sons are now giving the German emigrant strength

The native German draws strength these days mainly from her sons Niklas and Elijah. Even if they can’t understand what’s going on with mom and dad right now. But they don’t have to, either, says the trained speech therapist and emphasizes that everything is important to her to offer her children security and an everyday life. “If the children have the feeling that it is completely different than before, when everything changes, it makes them insecure. And I don’t want them to be insecure,” explains the mother of two. “I want you to know that you can rely on me. You can rely on me 100 percent.”

And that’s why Lisa Reyes tries everything to look ahead. Even if the situation couldn’t be more dramatic. Because not only she could lose her husband if convicted. Niklas and Elijah would grow up without their father, who would then have to serve his sentence in prison. And this idea should break every mom’s heart.

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