“Dune”: continuation announced for 2023

“Dune”: continuation announced for 2023
“Dune”: continuation announced for 2023

The new desert spectacle “Dune” by Canadian Denis Villeneuve (“Blade Runner 2049”) will have a sequel. “We look forward to continuing the journey,” said Legendary Entertainment on Tuesday on Twitter. “Dune: Part 2” is due to hit theaters in October 2023.

The first part started last week in US cinemas and grossed $ 41 million straight away over the weekend. At the same time, the sci-fi spectacle was also published by the media group Warner Media’s HBO Max streaming service.

Hans Zimmer: “I still have some music left”

Frank Herbert’s novel “The Desert Planet” from 1965 was filmed with a huge budget and a star cast of Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac and Zendaya. The focus is on the desert planet Arrakis with the valuable substance spice, for which good and evil forces are fighting.

It was a “dream” for him to film this story. “This is just the beginning,” said director Villeneuve on Tuesday with a view to the announced sequel. Leading actor Chalamet and the German film composer Hans Zimmer also linked the studio tweet via “Dune: Part 2” to their Twitter accounts. “Thank goodness I still have some music left,” Zimmer joked. The Oscar winner had underlaid the first part of the film with threatening music.


Dune continuation announced

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