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The new animated film “Ron goes wrong” from the Disney forge focuses on the value of friendships in social networks and contrasts it with the adventures of analogue friendships. Barney’s the only one in school without a b-bot – a mix of EVE, Facebook, and Instagram. It should be a friend and find friends for its owner. In the end, Barney gets one too – but it has its digital gaps.

Is friendship what you have with hundreds of others on social networks? Or is it more the analogue standing up for one another? This is the basic question that “Ron goes wrong”, the new animated film from Disney, which comes along with surprisingly harsh criticism of the tech world, targets Apple’s competitors and is simply great fun for big and small technology fans and – represents enemies. From Thursday in the cinema.

Ron Goes Wrong – Brief Synopsis of the Film

The main character, if not the title character, of “Ron Goes Wrong” is Barney Pudwoski, who came to the USA with his Bulgarian family, from whom only his father and grandma are left after his mother’s death. One lives simply, poorly, but lovingly. And yet Barney is an outsider at his school.

After all, he’s the only one who doesn’t have a B-Bot yet – a mix of EVE, the friend of the Pixar robot Wall.E, and Baymax, the animation hero in the style of a Michelin man. And all of this in combination with Facebook and Instagram. All the child has to do is lay their hands on and the B-Bot becomes active, collects all information about their child from the network, is available for live streams and digitally looks for new friends. The B-Bot was created by the company Bubble, headed by a CEO named Andrew Morris who is purely investor-minded and who is strikingly reminiscent of Steve Jobs.

That is not the only swipe at the competition. In any case, Barney ends up getting a bot, albeit one that fell from the truck – in the truest sense of the word. Accordingly, the Knubbelroboter called Ron does not get access to the network and has to gather all information about Barney from the analog world, with corresponding misinterpretations on the part of the artificial intelligence. Fortunately, the module that is supposed to prevent B-bots from becoming violent towards people is also deactivated at Ron, which is quite practical for Barney, who is threatened by school thugs.

And so, in the end, Barney and Ron design their own blueprint, which is what makes a good friendship. In the shed they forge their own code from sticky notes, photos and string. But of course it does not stop at the familiar unit, the perfectionist bubble group wants to bring the obviously defective copy into its power. Barney and Ron have to flee.

Ron goes wrong – The criticism

“Ron goes wrong” is full of criticism of virtual escapes, the data greed of the big tech companies and the power of social networks. It is clear from the start where the good and the bad can be found, and what friendship actually means. But a little pamphlet is allowed when it comes to flaming appeals for individual affection.

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