Wolfman – Derek Cianfrance replaces Leigh Whannell as director

Sometimes cast changes are unavoidable, both in front of and behind the camera. Leigh Whannell (SAW, Insidious) was after his The invisible-Phenomenon actually made familiar with the task of getting the Wolfman for Universal Pictures out of the woods next.

However, it was now time for the filmmaker to say goodbye to his new passion project – even though the 44-year-old would have loved to get involved in this hairy matter.

The reason for his withdrawal are not creative differences with the studio or producer Jason Blum, who is in charge of production monitored together with his Blumhouse crew, but rather scheduling conflicts that make it impossible for the director Wolfman continues to pay attention to his version of the genre icon Howl under the full moon.

Derek Cianfrance follows in Leigh Whannell’s footsteps

After all, it didn’t take long to find a suitable replacement who was equal to Whannell and who was most likely chosen by leading actor Ryan Gosling himself: Derek Cianfrance. The American, born on January 23, 1974, has often met the star from the romantic drama Like a single day worked together.

They have the two dramas that have been celebrated by the press in common Blue Valentine, where the almost 41-year-old at the side of the enchanting Michelle Williams (currently in the very successful comic book adaptation Venom: Let There Be Carnage by director Andy Serkis), and The Place Beyond the Pines with Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, American Sniper) and Eva Mendes (2 Fast 2 Furious, Ghost Rider) implemented.

Will the dream duo manage to give the classic, iconic and unforgettable monster film from Universal an original update? In any case, Cianfrance is very keen to create something very special: “Horror films were my first love and my entry into the world of narrative, psychological and aesthetic cinema.”

The script is rewritten again

“The opportunity to work with Ryan Gosling again on a project like this is a dream come true. I’m totally excited, but also inspired by the collaboration with Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures as well as bringing this legendary monster back, ”reports Cianfrance in an official press release.

Not only will he take the helm from Leigh Whannell, but he will also rewrite the existing script – until Ryan Gosling is satisfied with it. Finally, the idea for the film came from him. A few weeks ago, genre specialist Jason Blum also leaked in an interview that the preparatory phase is dragging on, because you want to make sure at all costs that this remake really has its raison d’etre in the end.

When Wolfman starts in the cinema remains to be seen. First of all, you have to reach the shooting phase and that alone should then take a lot of time. Since the last film, the 2010 reboot with Benicio del Toro in the title role and Emily Blunt as his love interest, the franchise has been left alone – so let’s hope it has been worth it, more than a whole decade to the next reboot waiting.


Posted on 10/27/2021 by Carmine Carpenito

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