The daredevils: She’s the new guy in the band

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Chiara Prossinger (here on September 9, 2020) is the new front woman of the Schlager cover band “Die Draufgänger”

“Die Darufgänger” are known for their cover versions from the world of pop and folk music. After singer Katharina Weiß (28) announced her exit from the band on September 3, 2021 via Instagram, the band has now introduced its successor.

Gnas / Styria. It was shocking news for the fans of the band “Die Draufgänger” when the singer Katharina Weiß (28) announced her departure in September 2021. In an Instagram video, she justified her exit with the words: “I just noticed that I’ve changed a lot as a person lately.”

A good month after their singer left, “Die Draufgänger” announced their successor: Singer Chiara Prossinger (26). Born in Salzburg, she already has several years of experience as a singer and counts two mega stars of the music business among her role models.

The daredevils: she’s the new singer

Prossinger is a real all-rounder. In addition to singing, she has also mastered four instruments with the Styrian harmonica, guitar, piano and drums. The 26-year-old started her career as a singer in 2017 with the Austrian party band “Emergency Case Band”.

From January 2017 to October 2020 she was also part of the party band “Saubartln” as a singer and with the Steirische Harmonika . “

From 2016 to 2019 she also studied music alongside her. At the private university Schloss Seeburg in Austria, she enrolled in the “Sport and Event Management” course and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. The singer’s musical role models include world stars such as Christina Aguilera (40) and Mariah Carey (51)

“The Daredevil”: New singer is no stranger

Prossinger is no stranger to fans of the “daredevils”. When Katharina Weiß, who has now dropped out, was out of action due to a corona infection in August 2021, Prossinger stepped in for her and already played a few concerts with the band. Now Prossinger Weiss is taking over permanently as a singer.


As the band announced on their Instagram channel, their new singer has officially been there since October 22nd. In the meantime, “Die Draufgänger” have already played their first concert with Prossinger.

On Monday (October 25th) they posted a photo on Instagram for their concert on the same evening in Styria in Austria.

On it you can see: the male members of the band, the former lead singer Weiß and her successor Prossinger. The band wrote about the photo: “Today is the day‼ ️ Goodbye Kathy – welcome Chiara. We are really looking forward to you and this unique show tonight! “

“Die Draufgänger” last appeared on TV on August 14th in the show “The big birthday party on the beach” in Gelsenkirchen, where they celebrated Florian Silbereisen’s 40th birthday together with other pop stars. (weather)


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