Konny Reimann overwhelmed by feelings: “You can get wet eyes there”

Manu and Konny are “The Reimanns” – and something like the favorite emigrants of the Germans. In 2004 they left home with their children Janina and Jason, a dog and a parrot and settled in Texas. The cameras from RTL2 were already there when they took their first steps in the distance.

17 years later, “The Reimanns” have now arrived in Hawaii and are still on the air. The children have now left the house and had children themselves, but Konny and Manu have hardly changed. Renovate. Sew. Make plans. Renovate. Sew. If you don’t want to take antihypertensive drugs, you can just watch “The Reimanns”.

Reimann’s beach house needs to be renovated

“An extraordinary life”: This is the subtitle of “The Reimanns”. Their life – apart from where they live – is anything but unusual. Because actually Conny and Manu only do what most people do at home: They make themselves comfortable. Except that they don’t live out their DIY dream in Hamburg-Harburg or Bruchsal, but now in Hawaii.

Your project in 2021: The new beach house needs to be renovated. Others would say: It’s in great shape the way it is. But not Konny Reimann! The fence? “Everything rotten,” says Konny, “completely rotten”. In the house, the walls have to be painted, a few lines under the house have to be replaced so that the German toilet can also be connected. After all, there is nothing like Heimat ceramics.

The Secret of a Good Marriage? Konny Reimann knows it!

The dialogues in the house on the Pacific coast shimmer somewhere between trivial and banal. Would you like an example? “Will we still manage all of this? We still want to make a fire and have another nice steak, ”says Konny. “Oh, I still have to go shopping,” says Manu. “Oh,” says Konny, “you have to get fish. It’s not that bad, I can do it myself. And when you come back, we’ll make a fire. ”That’s how it works with the Reimanns.

We watch the Reimanns choose the flooring: Mangrove laminate or not? Manu thinks mangrove is pretty much Hawaii. Konny thinks Mangrove is stupid. The compromise: “We’ll sleep again for one, two, three, four nights.” Nobody can sum up the secret of a peaceful marriage as nicely as Konny Reimann: “In the end it is like this: If Manu says I should do it, then I’ll do it. And if I have to do this, then I’ll do it too. “

At the house blessing, Konny Reimann gets wet eyes

Manu, for example, wants the beach house to be blessed in a Hawaiian way, Konny is undecided: “You can do it, but you don’t have to.” But what if his angelic support is important? The priest comes and sings, his wife dances to it. “You get wet eyes there,” Konny admits: “If you just do it so badly, you don’t need to do it either.”

Biggest drama of the first double episode: Manu first wants to submerge his head in the sea. So really with water up to the top of your head. “80:20, that she makes it,” says Konny with full confidence in his angel. The Reimanns then dive hand in hand. “That makes me happy and happy at the same time,” explains Konny.

The Reimanns with their laminate mentality are something like the opposite of the Geissens: down-to-earth to high above the hips. Thoroughly peaceful. A couple you would love to have a beer with on the terrace with a view of the Pacific. Watching them live far away is like a falling asleep story: extremely calming. Like Bob Ross and “The Joy of Painting” once did. Or like “The Waltons” earlier. Good night, angel. Good night, Konny.

You can read more about the Reimanns here:

TV emigrant Konny Reimann can be happy. His daughter Janina has announced sweet baby news: She is going to be a mother again.

Manu and Konny Reimann are probably the most iconic emigrants from “Goodbye Germany”. In 2004 the couple moved to Texas and have since become an integral part of the German TV landscape. But how did the two actually get to know each other?

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