Preserving the climate with music – The playlist to accompany COP26 in Glasgow

The playlist to accompany the COP26 in Glasgow

In order to get you in the mood for the Climate Change Conference which will begin on Sunday, October 31 in Scotland, here is a musical selection to reflect, depress or find hope on the climate.

Corentin Chauvel

Posted: 10/21/2021, 7:00 p.m.


World leaders, meeting in Glasgow in early November, will once again try to find solutions to global warming at COP26. A major event that we will fully cover and that it will be possible to accompany in music thanks to the playlist that we have concocted for you.

“Now we are here” before going there

We begin our journey to Glasgow from our French-speaking Switzerland with the song committed to the climate composed by Henri Shortly before the pandemic. The accompanying “fight clip” had been published last May, produced by the organizations Grève du Climat, Grands-Parents pour le climat, Extinction Rebellion and Aînées pour la protection du climat.

“Train travel”, sustainable transport

It is in London that our special correspondent for COP26, Virginie Lenk, will first travel to take a special train chartered for the event by the Dutch NGO Youth for Sustainable Travel. Almost 500 people will be on board the Rail to the COP, including summit participants, young climate activists and even journalists like our special correspondent.

On chante Glasgow

Glasgow is clearly one of the world capitals of music and in particular rock with high-caliber groups such as Travis, Franz Ferdinand and Belle and Sebastian. So we sing Glasgow before singing for the climate.

“Enough is enough” the Scots sing in chorus

“That’s enough!” It’s not the official song of COP26, but almost: a collective of independent Scottish artists has brought together choirs, brass bands and other bands from across the country for a committed track composed especially for the event. It addresses the themes of environmental justice and living together.

Ellie Goulding for Ambassador

If you prefer glitter and syrupy pop, you can listen to Briton Ellie Goulding, official ambassador of COP26.

“Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)”, the first green song

Once we are well settled in Glasgow, it will be time to remember the history of the fight for the climate and the environment that has led us to this COP26. The first songs in favor of environmental struggles appear at the same time as the first militant movements, that is to say between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s. And the first to include the word “ecology” in a song title is Marvin Gaye, in 1971. He already denounces the pollution of the oceans, radiation or even overpopulation …

Fight for the climate gently …

A year after Marvin Gaye, Nino Ferrer also takes the side of a melody and a rhythm full of sweetness to strike a very dark conclusion to his “House near the fountain”: “The house near the HLM has given way at the factory and at the supermarket. The trees are gone, but it smells of hydrogen sulfide, gasoline, war, society. ”

Fight vigorously for the climate …

But we can also be much more invigorating to show our commitment to the climate and the environment, like the cult “Beds are burning” (1987) of the Australian group Midnight Oil – of which the singer, Peter Garrett, will become more. late Minister of the Environment.

Find even more songs in our special COP26 playlist below and, if you have a Spotify account, join in by adding songs we might have forgotten!

Corentin Chauvel is a web journalist and social media manager. Previously, he worked for “20 Minutes” France then as a correspondent in Brazil for six years.


Posted: 10/21/2021, 7:00 p.m.

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