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“The Voice” star Nico Santos: This is his famous family!

“The Voice” star Nico Santos: This is his famous family!
“The Voice” star Nico Santos: This is his famous family!

With hits like “Rooftop”, “Better” and “Play With Fire”, Nico Santos (28) made his breakthrough as a singer. The talented musician also wrote songs for and with artists such as Lena Meyer-Landrut (30) and Mark Forster (38). Before his career as a singer-songwriter, he modeled and even had a small TV appearance on the series “Rote Rosen”. Apparently there is nothing that Nico Santos cannot do. Why is that? Hard work and a bit of luck certainly play a role, but the talent seems to have been put in his cradle. The 28-year-old, who can be seen again as a coach in the current season of “The Voice of Germany”, comes from a famous family. His native name is Nico Wellenbrink – and with this name one or the other should already ring the bell. Nico’s father Egon Wellenbrink (76) is an actor, composer, presenter and known to many as the “Melitta man”. Nico’s sisters Susanna (46) and Clarissa Wellenbrink are actress and model, his niece Mia-Sophie (23) became famous as a child through the “Froop” advertising.

Are you curious whether Nico looks like his family too? In the video above we introduce you to the Wellenbrinks!

Nico Santos’ professional and personal happiness

Professionally, things could hardly be better for Nico Santos. He is now one of the most successful musicians in Germany and is a TVOG audience favorite. Although he is much younger and therefore supposedly more inexperienced than his competitors Mark Forster, Sarah Connor (41) and Johannes Oerding (39), he is getting one talent after another. Luck in the game, bad luck in love? Not with Nico Santos. He’s happy again in his private life too. After separating from his long-time girlfriend, it was announced in 2020 that the singer was taken again. In the MDR talk show “Riverboat” he finally made his new love official. “We’ve known each other for nine years. She worked at the same ‘Robinson Club’ where I worked, almost ten years ago,” he said. “When I moved to Cologne, she showed me the first apartments. It was always very friendly … and now we were both single for the first time.” Sounds like fate brought the two together.

Formerly a small advertising star, now a grown woman: In the video below you can see how Nico’s niece Mia-Sophie has changed!


Voice star Nico Santos famous family

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