who is his wife Coralie Barbier, to whom he owes so much?

who is his wife Coralie Barbier, to whom he owes so much?
who is his wife Coralie Barbier, to whom he owes so much?

Awesome. It did not inspire the success of Stromae, a song about a love break that has become cult and has crossed borders. But the adjective suits Coralie Barbier, who has shared the life of the “new Jacques Brel” for more than 7 years. While the 36-year-old Belgian singer has just come out of his media retirement by offering the song Santé, his first unpublished title in eight years, zoom in on the young woman who, despite the immense success of her husband, keeps her head on the shoulders and continues to work in the shadows for their success. Family and professional.

Stromae, alias Paul Van Haver, and Coralie Barbier met via a mutual friend during a party in 2013. At that time, the singer is already very famous, his first album Cheese was very noticed. Stylist by profession and Belgian like him, Coralie will sum up their meeting in Liberation as follows: “Paul wanted his own wardrobe, he liked African wax. I suggested that he create his personalized with the words of his songs.” A few months after being presented to each other, their collaboration will take shape: the young Namuroise will make a costume for each of the pieces of Racine Carrée, Stromae’s second album.

This is for the professional side. Hypersensitive esthetes, both fatherless, the singer and his stylist quickly fall in love. They get married in secret on December 12, 2015. No photo report. “It is not because I am a little famous that my life (…)

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wife Coralie Barbier owes

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