Finally recognized since his departure in Quebec, the French Mister Goodfaith releases his second album

The adage of the American dream that everything is possible on the other side of the Atlantic is not just a fantasy. Fabien Bonnefoy has been living it for 7 years. A talented musician and songwriter, he tried to break into France in the early 2010s but came up against the shackles of the European music industry. Despite obvious potential and strong relationships in the industry, even among stars of French song, he failed to convince record companies. Some EP are emerging but are struggling to be massively distributed.

Never mind, the Frenchy crosses the Atlantic and settles in Canada, in Sorel-Tracy, not far from Trois-Rivières, in the province of Quebec. There, the vision is not the same at all. The culture of music is much more important than here. Working in the musical world is considered a “real” profession.

Mister Goodfaith and his musicians on stage (Stéphane Synnett)

Here, when you’re a musician, you’re a musician.

In France when you are a musician, they tell you: okay, but what is your job?

Fabien Bonnefoy

Alias Mister Goodfaith

Despite everything, Fabien Bonnefoy continues to practice his profession as a doctor and pursues his musical career in parallel. Doctor by day, singer-songwriter by night. Two activities carried out simultaneously in the most peaceful way, as is naturally the case over there. And above all, unlike France, his music immediately aroused enthusiasm in Canada.

It must be said that this country rock inspired by models of the genre easily found its audience. And even better, the music of Mister Goodfaith had the approval of his peers, to the point of benefiting from a mixing in the temple of American music.

To say that the name of Nashville is legendary in the music industry is an understatement. The greatest recorded in this city. Except that here, the notion of “big” is quite relative. And Mister Goodfaith saw his debut album mixed by Grammy Award-winning and renowned sound engineer F. Reid Shippen. Whoever mixes and records stars across the Atlantic even received our Frenchy at home in Nashville, with ease.

Fabien Bonnefoy alias Mister Goodfaith (Stéphane Synnett)

Fabien Bonnefoy alias Mister Goodfaith (Stéphane Synnett)

Fabien Bonnefoy explains: “I am an independent artist, but he received me like the others. Here, there is no small. A small can become big. What matters is not your network of acquaintances, it is this what are you doing “.

And the adventure continues with the release on September 17 of the second album. After Big Mistake in October 2018, new songs were composed in 2019 and recorded in 2020. This second opus Back in town was planned last year, but because of the pandemic, the songwriter preferred to postpone the release, in order to fully ensure the launch.

A concert is planned this Friday in Sorel Tracy, and the opening track Another brave was released as a single this summer.

Once again mixed by Shippen, this second album confirms the influence of great songwriters between rock, folk and country. Fabien Bonnefoy has never hidden his admiration for Mark Knopfler. And one of the songs originally titled Back to you has been renamed So far way, as a nod to the ex-leader of Dire Straits.

With a voice always present but never forcing, guitars that are both hot and sharp, an unshakeable rhythm that can take us to the end of the world, the music of Mister Goodfaith breathes good Americana. Springsteen and Fogerty are never far away. And we sometimes leave the great plains to dive into the dampness of the Poor Bayou and his rough guitars that ZZ Top or Lynyrd Skynyrd would not have denied.

Music that gives pride of place to guitars (Stéphane Synnett)

Music that gives pride of place to guitars (Stéphane Synnett)

For the texts, Fabien Bonnefoy draws on his experience, his daily life, and what is close to his heart. Thereby, Goodbye evokes the forgotten people of the pandemic, especially children and adolescents, in whom the suicide rate has increased considerably. As for the long track which closes the album, entitled My chance, he suggests that our expatriate French savor his Canadian life, and that he would not change it for the world.

The inspiration is also so fluid that the songs for a third opus are already ready. Mister Goodfaith’s journey is not about to end.

The album cover

La pochette de l’album “Back in town” (Mister Goodfaith)

Back in town releases September 17th. All the information to order it on the Facebook page or the Mister Goodfaith website

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