a concert at the Stade de France in July 2022

a concert at the Stade de France in July 2022
a concert at the Stade de France in July 2022
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Ed Sheeran’s comeback is already crowned with success. The English singer signed one of the hits of the summer with the electro-pop “Bad Habits”. Number one of the English charts for 11 consecutive weeks, the song is about to be made fun by… “Shivers”, the second single of Ed Sheeran released last Friday. What promises to record listening and sales in perspective for the release of his new album “Equals”, scheduled for October 29th. I’ve written about 230 songs in the last few years, hundreds and hundreds. (…) I finished “Equals” in January and since then I’ve been polishing it with little bits of production. I will also do the master today entrusts the performer of “I Don’t Care” to the magazine GQ, while he will notably evoke his new role as father over the record.

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Ed Sheeran to perform in the center stage

And who says album necessarily means concerts all over the world! Two years after the end of the “Divide Tour”, which has become the most lucrative singing tour of all time ahead of U2 or the Rolling Stones, the superstar has just announced his new tour. The “+ = x Tour” (or “The Mathematics Tour”) will start on April 28, 2022 Cork, Ireland before visiting all of Europe. The singer will give a concert at the Stade de France on July 29 for what will be his first visit to France since his Lyon and Bordeaux shows in 2019. Like Indochine and Soprano Next summer, Ed Sheeran will also perform on a central stage for this new series of concerts.

And there is no doubt that the interpreter of “Visiting Hours” is about to break many records. We’re going to tour, if we can, for two to three years, and there may be other albums during that time. assure son manager Stuart Camp Variety, full of ambition: If we tour for that long, I imagine there will be two albums during that period. Because this record took so long to make, we have a lot of songs so anything can happen very quickly. If he wanted, he could release an album of acoustic ballads tomorrow! .

In a recent interview for GQ, Ed Sheeran assures us that he will do things in descending order for this tour: I thought this tour could encapsulate these ten years [de carrire, ndlr] and five albums. The idea for this tour is to start with big rooms and then subtract, gradually decreasing in size and ending up playing in a Donegal church. [une ville irlandaise, ndlr]. it wouldn’t make sense to do a little tour, I have a standard fanbase that wants to come to my concerts, but it is logical that when the tour ends, it should be done in a spirit of competition, not with a place 500 pounds but by a toss, sort of . Notice to fans, the tickets for the tour – and therefore the concert at the Stade de France – will go on sale on Saturday, September 25, a few hours before its appearance at Global Citizen Live Paris. And there won’t be something for everyone!


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