His wife had proved to him that his “homosexuality” was a terrible mistake!

Dance with the stars lost one of the most prestigious members of its jury when Patrick Dupond disappeared. Indeed, after having been one of the youngest talented dancers in the ballet of the Opéra national de Paris and having been dance director in this same opera, it was in 2018 that he joined the great family of Dance with the stars. His career is exemplary and his fans still do not console themselves for his loss. Because Patrick Dupont was only 61 when he died.

Dance has always been a matter of course in the life of Patrick Dupond. He was only 17 when he won the gold medal in the international ballet competition in Bulgaria. So before you even join Dance with the stars, he liked to say that he had lived several lives. A sentence that resonates all the more when we know that he gave up loving men for the love of Leïla Da Rocha, the woman of his life. He always made sure to speak openly about anything he wanted despite his notoriety. But fans of Patrick Dupond have not all had the opportunity to hear him talk about his romantic stories. So when he joined the jury of Dance with the stars, controversies have resurfaced. A controversy in particular which Objection will give you all the details.

Dance with the stars had the chance to spotlight a renowned ballet dancer

It’s the whole family of Dance with the stars who was upset by the death of Patrick Dupond. Immediately, messages tribute to this dancer flourished on the Web. But also many messages of support were sent to the one who meant everything to him. Leïla Da Rocha is a woman of passion who made dancing her life late in life. Indeed, she too knows what it’s like to get up after broken dreams. She was therefore the ideal person to understand, listen to and accompany Patric Dupond. Indeed, those who know him thanks to Dance with the stars do not all know that he has lived through terrible tragedies in his life.

Leïla Da Rocha is a former professional basketball player. She then made sacred oriental dance her specialty. Patrick Dupond spoke of her with strong emotion, for him she was the symbol of rebirth. Because before crossing his path, the one who was the jury in Dance with the stars miraculously survived a terrible car accident. Doctors predicted that he would never be able to walk again, or even dance. Yet he did everything to achieve it. However, on its way, an addiction to pain medication turned into an addiction to alcohol. It was only then when he met Leïla that he regained a taste for life. And in 2017, he will therefore go so far as to claim that these past romances were mistakes. But before her, Patrick Dupond dated men. Objection can only understand that such a speech leads to a controversy.

An unforgettable man for his loved ones and for his fans

However, the former jury of Dance with the stars also explained in an interview that these past romances did not make him really happy. That he was often disappointed and that he had a hard time touching happiness. In search of balance in his sentimental life, he only achieved this with the one who changed his life. Together, they were at the head of a prestigious dance school, the White Eagle Dance Academy. Now, Leïla Da Rocha is the only captain of the ship. They were quite simply inseparable, complementary. Even today, it would be very difficult to put words on the pain that his companion must feel for having lost him.

Also, Objection admits that it would be a shame to remember Patrick Dupond simply thanks to this controversy concerning his love preferences. He was an extraordinary dancer and fans of Dance with the stars were able to learn it through the broadcasts. It allowed the whole of France to shine internationally when it related to the ballet of the Paris Opera. In 2004, Leïla perhaps made him a new man as he said. But no one can judge love and he knew it. As the new season of Dance with the stars arrives, Patrick Dupond is more than ever in the thoughts of his fans and those close to him.

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