Dragon Ball: what if the characters were played by Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hiddleston

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What would Cell, Nappa and Vegeta look like from “Dragon Ball” if they were played by real movie actors? A fan adept of montages asked the question and imagined the result.

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We can no longer count the number of montages or fan art posted on social networks that imagine Dragon Ball characters played by real Hollywood actors.

Even if the experience had already been tried in the cinema in 2009 with the very disappointing Dragonball Evolution worn by Justin Chatwin and Chow Yun-Fat, it is clear that the idea of ​​one day seeing Goku and Vegeta fight in the shoots real still runs through the minds of some Internet users.

While a web artist had recently devoted a drawing to Trunks, C-17 and C-18, in November 2018, he was a named BossLogic, keen on graphics, who had tried his hand at exercise. He had posted on his Twitter account a first cut representing Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart (who shared at the time the poster of Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle) in Nappa and Vegeta.

On a second cut, posted in the wake, he imagined another famous villain of Dragon Ball – the terrible Cell – with the features of actor Tom Hiddleston, recently seen in the series Loki.

Do you think these three comedians would be convincing enough to play the characters in question, if ever a live-action Dragon Ball feature film project ever came to fruition?

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