CARCASS – Torn Arteries | Review bei Stormbringer

CARCASS – Torn Arteries | Review bei Stormbringer
CARCASS – Torn Arteries | Review bei Stormbringer

When I saw CARCASS ‘”in October last yearDespicable“finally as”a harmless pillow fight that doesn’t give the world’s policemen an overly stressful order situation“I was already aware that this, although it was actually clearly communicated that 3/4 of the EPs are rejects, would not necessarily meet with approval, but sometimes it is really amusing to see the intensity with which fans of this kind are Hot Takes can take personally. What would it look like if I now also do the new album “Torn Arteries“, like the first in eight years?

Well, one thing is certain: the differences in quality between Full-Length and EP keep CARCASS, the best material can be found on the album without a doubt. And that also applies to “Torn Arteries“to, although this time it’s not so much the classic tools like the uptempo title track or the”Eleanor Rigby“-Verballhornung “Eleanor Rigor Mortis“are the first to mill their way into the memory, but the well-dosed experiments that were carried out on the familiar formula. Was”Mount Of Extinction“the predecessor was already a massive epic, then it surpasses the almost ten-minute”Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment Limited“Not only in terms of playing time, but also musically thanks to the progressive structure and solos. A more typical melodeath song with a CARCASS character like”In God We Trust“you simply but effectively evaluate with rhythmic clapping on and in”The Devil Rides Out“you will be surprised by the oriental-inspired lead guitar.

Could “Torn Arteries“If we would keep this level constant, we would be here from what is possibly the best album since”Heartwork“speak, but I’m afraid that the same fate here as with”Surgical Steel“Could occur and the album will lose a lot of its replayability in the next few months – and I hope that in the end I will be wrong. If you compare the positively appeared pieces with the tracklist, you will find that there are others in between , by name “Dance of Ixtab“, “Under The Scalpel Blade“, “Kelly’s Meat Emporium” and “Wake Up And Smell T he Carcass / Caveat Emptor“are placed – and that is exactly the great challenge of”Torn Arteries“: In order to come across the high-class song material, you have to dig your way through at best mediocre, sometimes even seemingly endless tunnels, which significantly impairs the flow of hearing.

And so CARCASS remain – at least for me personally – a pure nostalgia band, with which I ultimately prefer to “Heartwork“, “Symphonies Of Sickness” or “Necroticism“will grab.”Torn Arteries“Contains some incredibly good ideas, but fluctuates far too much in the quality of the composition and thus has audible difficulty in maintaining the listener’s tension. Quite so forgettable As on the previous EP, most of the material is not here, which is why the next written clap of the neck is missing, but in the end there is still far too little movement to be entertaining in the long term. Disappointing.

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