John Travolta: Hot Rumor! Is he dating Demi Moore?

John Travolta: Hot Rumor! Is he dating Demi Moore?
John Travolta: Hot Rumor! Is he dating Demi Moore?

In July 2020, the wife of Hollywood star John Travolta (67), Kelly Preston († 57), died of cancer. The two actors had been married since 1991. How deep the grief sat at John Travolta was also evident in a post on Mother’s Day 2021 on Instagram, in which he wrote: “Dearest Kelly, you have brought three of the most wonderful children I know into my life. Thank you. We love and miss you. Happy Mother’s Day. ”

Now there are rumors of a new love in the 67-year-old’s life, because he is supposed to date an equally famous Hollywood lady: Demi Moore (58), ex-wife of action star Bruce Willis (66) and Ashton Kutcher (43) .

John Travolta was also known for dance films such as “Saturday Night Fever”. In the video below you can see that he has not forgotten anything of his dance skills.

Demi Moore: Romantic meeting with John Travolta

According to the “Bild”, the two superstars are said to have been spotted eating together several times. At a dinner in Florida, a waitress at the restaurant said: “The two of them were sitting at the corner table, in the candlelight. It looked very romantic. They laughed a lot and even held hands.” That doesn’t necessarily sound like a purely friendly encounter.

Bruce Willis: He’s supposed to have paired them up

What is amazing about this story is how it came about that Demi Moore and John Travolta started the data. Moore’s ex-husband Bruce Willis has been friends with John Travolta for a long time – and it is said to have been he who suggested meeting his ex-wife after Travolta confessed he was after Kelly Preston’s death would be ready again for a new love.

After the terrible loss that John Travolta suffered more than a year ago, we can only wish him new luck. And Demi Moore has also had to endure a lot in recent years, because her marriage to Ashton Kutcher is said to have failed because he cheated on her on her wedding day! The two were married for eight years, in November 2011 they announced their separation, followed by a divorce in 2013 – after which both are said to have suffered a lot.

The relationship between Demi Moore and her ex Bruce Willis, however, is considered very good. So it’s no wonder that the 66-year-old wants to see two people who are close to him happy again.

Demi Moore continues to amaze the public with her incredible body, as you can see in the video below.


John Travolta Hot Rumor dating Demi Moore

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