the cure we weren’t expecting from the pandemic

the cure we weren’t expecting from the pandemic
the cure we weren’t expecting from the pandemic

A placebo is a therapeutic process that heals by psychological and physiological mechanisms. And that’s exactly what the alternative rock band of the same name has been giving us since its debut in 1994.

“Album 8 is finished and is about to be released”, annonce Placebo

After a last album released in September 2013, Loud Like Love, the band led by Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal probably felt that with the pandemic, we really needed new music to cure our ailments, and has just announced the upcoming release of a new opus!

In an Instagram post on May 2, 2021, Placebo asked their fanbase what they expect new products from them:

“’New music and concerts,’ you answer in unison and you can be heard. Please don’t despair album 8 is finished and is about to be released. We are even currently blocking concert dates. “

During these nine years of hiatus, a few thrills helped us to be patient, like the four-part documentary behind the scenes of the album’s twenty years Black Market Music published in October 2020 and available on Placebo’s YouTube channel.

Brian Molko, an androgynous fashion icon for thirty years

The singer and frontman of the group was also the muse of the collection. Heaven by Marc Jacobs in March 2020. A project that the brand presented as follows:

“The origins of the Marc Jacobs impulse: subversion, adolescent daydreams, nation alienation, queer youth (…), candy ravers, psychedelic fantasy, girls who are boys and boys who are girls. “

And who better than Brian Molko to embody all of this? The opportunity to recall how much the singer and leader of the group Placebo represents an underestimated fashion icon! As the fashion industry recovers and depoliticizes notions of ‘non-binarity’ and ‘gender non-conforming’, Brian Molko has been singing, dressing and embodying sexual liberation and gender norms ever since. almost thirty years old.

He thus helped a whole generation to (try to) emancipate themselves from it with him. So perhaps this eighth album will be the occasion to recall it, in music and in style!

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