Charlie Benante explains how he became the main composer of Anthrax music

Charlie Benante explains how he became the main composer of Anthrax music
Charlie Benante explains how he became the main composer of Anthrax music

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante spoke on a recent episode of Drum For The Song, the podcast hosted by Dane Campbell, son of ex-Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell, to explain how he came to be the lead composer of the band’s music.

Charlie Benante said:

I couldn’t really convey to someone else what I was hearing in my head while playing the drums, so I had to learn to play another instrument, which turned out to be the guitar, and it was pretty natural and easy. This is how I did it. I recorded tons of riffs, then listened to them again, compiled them and made songs out of them, which I then shared with the band. And that’s how it happened.

He concluded :

In fact, it was right after the release of our first album [Fistful Of Metal (1984)], when we lost our singer [Neil Turbin] and that we started writing what was going to be our second album, Spreading The Disease, [que j’ai commencé à jouer de la guitare]. Scott [Ian, guitare] took care of the lyrics, that was his domain. So I took over and wrote the songs. This is how it happened and this is how it is still.

Anthrax celebrates its 4th anniversary this year and is organizing a number of activities and special events in honor of this historic anniversary. Formed by guitarist Scott Ian and bassist Dan Lilker in Queens, New York on July 18, 1981, Anthrax was one of the first Thrash Metal bands to emerge on the East Coast of the United States and was quickly established. considered one of the leaders of the genre alongside Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth.

Active over the past five decades, Anthrax has released 11 studio albums, has been certified gold and platinum multiple times, received six Grammy nominations, has traveled the world and performed thousands of concerts, including leading displays at Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium with the “Big Four”.

For All Kings has been called by some critics “Anthrax’s most powerful album to date”. His arrival followed a five-year period in which the band experienced a kind of rebirth, beginning with the inclusion of Anthrax in the legendary Big Four tour, and continuing with the 2011 release of “The back album ”Worship Music.

Charlie Benante interview for Drum For The Song:

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