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Even SHE should shift down a gear …

Adele (33) is back. And how! New single, new album, both hit the mark. Both dominate the charts.

Both the release “Easy On Me” and the long-awaited album “30” top the respective German charts. And it’s not the first time that the exceptional singer has achieved this double.

“21” and “25” also landed on the throne in 2011 and 2015 – as did the respective singles “Rolling in the Deep” and “Hello”. Bagging album and single charts three times in one go – nobody here had succeeded in doing that.

The new Adele record “30” is in demand like no otherPhoto: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP

You can only treat her, after all, in “30” Adele processes her difficult last years, including the separation from ex-husband Simon Konecki (47). But the queen of the music world also likes to act like one, and that is slowly becoming too much …

The Englishwoman’s latest wow appearance: As a guest at CBC Radio, Adele equates herself with a “dying species” to which she belongs. “There were 10 of us. I don’t think that there will ever be many of us again at the level we are at. “

Modest is different.

Who is she talking about with her exceptional top ten? The only name Adele mentions rapper Drake (35). He and she would have achieved something without streaming. “We came out before streaming. We came before the whole social media madness, which only means: ‘You have five seconds to talk, otherwise you are out’ “, says Adele.

She may not be completely wrong, the music business is changing, but it always has been. Trends come and go, new stars bloom, other stars fade over time. Not so Adele, who has finally released new music after a six-year hiatus – and sounds as powerful as ever.

Drake is one of the most prominent US rappersPhoto: Amy Sussman/AFP

But calling yourself to the Olympus of the art of singing can also testify to arrogance.

Such moments are becoming more common with Adele. For example, when she recently asked the streaming giant Spotify to remove the random playback function. At their request, the Swedish company has actually deactivated the tool as the default at the moment.

The music video for Adele's single

The music video for Adele’s single “Easy On Me” currently has almost 180 million clicks on YouTubeFoto: SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

AND: Many Adele fans missed out on ticket sales for the London concert next year. Some of the cards are offered for exorbitant prices, there are only some for almost 400 euros in the luxury segment. To make matters worse, fans who had a concert canceled in 2017 because Adele was ill at the time were not given a right of first refusal. Although they have been promised it for 2021!

Is Adele Something Above the Stars? There is more: she doesn’t even want everyone to hear her new record. Especially twelve-year-olds. For them the EP is “a little too profound”.

The soul-queen’s explanation: “I prefer to take care of people who are on my level, who have spent the same amount of time on earth and have been through all the same things.”

Then there shouldn’t be too many of her millions of fans left …

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