“I’m number four 2” no longer comes: This is how the story of the sci-fi thriller would have continued – Kino News

“I’m number four 2” no longer comes: This is how the story of the sci-fi thriller would have continued – Kino News
“I’m number four 2” no longer comes: This is how the story of the sci-fi thriller would have continued – Kino News

“I am number four” is one of those young adult films, at the end of which the story only just started, but then a sequel was never made. We’ll still tell you how the story would have continued in the sequel.

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When the science fiction blockbuster “I am number four” is broadcast on Sat.1 on October 16, 2021 from 10:35 p.m., millions of viewers will ask themselves again afterwards: That was a really nice start – but how the hell is it going to go on now?

Like so many young adult film adaptations – from “Chronicles of the Underworld” to “Beautiful Creatures” to “The 5th Wave” – ​​it is also the case with “I am number four” that the story does not appear until the end of the film really gets going. But because the box office results fell short of expectations, the other parts of the novel series (nine volumes in total!) Were never made into a film – instead, as far too often in this genre, the film audience was mercilessly left hanging.

So the story goes on

If you want to know how the Lorien saga will continue, you can take a look at the sequel “The Power of Six” as well as the other seven books by the author duo Pittacus Lore – or you just read on here when we see the (something confused) briefly summarize the content of the second novel for you.

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Attention: From here on there will be spoilers for the finale of “I am number four”!

In “I’m Number Four” we learned that the teenager John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) belongs to a group of eight alien children who were once sent to Earth from the planet Lorien to avoid the invading Mogadori army . The aliens that now live across the planet can only be killed in a certain order – and John would be number four next. With increasing age, John also develops superpowers, which are not only useful, but also ensure that Mogadori spies sent to Earth become aware of him.

In the finale of “I’m Number Four”, John can initially fight back the attackers with the help of his friends Sam (Callan McAuliffe) and Sarah (Dianna Agron) as well as the suddenly appearing number six (Teresa Palmer) – but that is only the first battle and still a long way from winning the war …

The plot of “The Power of Six”

In contrast to “I am number four”, the story in the sequel is told not only from the point of view of John Smith, but also from two perspectives: While number four is on the run from the Mogadorians together with Sam and number six, Marina follows aka Number Seven Die Nachrichten (John’s face can be seen on all channels after the finale of the first novel) from a monastery in Spain, where she is hiding with her Cêpan Adelina. While Marina desperately wants to intervene and join forces with the other members of the Lorien Guard, Adelina seems to be less and less interested in the fight against the Mogadorians – instead she takes her camouflage (too) seriously and actually devotes herself entirely to the service of God.

Meanwhile, John & Co. not only have to avoid the Mogadorian persecutors, but also the FBI. At a meeting between John and his high school lover Sarah, the police strike – and John grows suspicion that his girlfriend might have betrayed him. Number Six is ​​able to free John and Sam from prison, whereupon she travels to Europe to help Number Seven, which was discovered by the Mogadorians.

Number nine also appears

John and Sam, on the other hand, have to break into the Mogadorian base, which is hidden in a mountain, in order to get to John’s chest that is kept there (each of the nine children of the Lorien Guard received one and they contain important items). In the hiding place the duo not only find John’s chest, but also the incarcerated number nine. While John and number nine are able to escape, Sam is caught while trying to escape. This is particularly unfavorable because Sam had a piece of paper with the meeting point with number six in his pocket – and numbers four and number nine wander around relatively helplessly and aimlessly at the end of the novel …

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, there are seven more novels to come, in which all of this is carried out much, much further and more complex. If you read it like that, you could easily get the idea that “The Power of Six” might actually not have delivered the very best material for a film adaptation. But then it would have been better not to have started than to let the audience – once again – stand out in the rain after the start …

Note: This is a republication of an article that was already published on FILMSTARTS.

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