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After Midnight in the Universe, George Clooney returns with a big fat drama on Amazon

George Clooney reunites Ben Affleck and Tye Sheridan in trailer for autobiographical novel adaptation The Tender Bar on Amazon Prime.

When Confessions of a dangerous man released in 2002, the world thought they had found a new actor capable of holding a camera in addition to knowing how to tame it in the person of George Clooney. Almost 20 years later, it is clear that the world was perhaps a little packed, the achievements of the interpreter of Danny Ocean lacking as much body and personality as a gas station espresso.

Put away your forks and your torches, the picture is obviously not homogeneous and qualities always emerge from clooneysque feature films. Even if Midnight in the universe, his Netflix Christmas production gave us a big indigestible cake of naivety at the end of 2020, we are waiting with curiosity The Tender Bar, his next achievement for Amazon Prime Video whose trailer has just dropped.

Adaptation of the eponymous autobiographical novel by JH Moehringer, The Tender Bar will address the author’s youth while living with his mother and grandfather on Long Island. He will find in his uncle and the owners of a local bar, substitute father models who will follow him from his eight years until his studies at Yale University.

If the themes (transition to adulthood, learning to live, distended family unit, etc.) seem to come out of an automatic generator of Hollywood adult films, the cast that must bring them to something to make your mouth water : Tye Sheridan (Joe, Ready Player One), Lily Rabe (American Horror Story, The Whispers), Max Martini (Pacific Rim, Spectral), Christopher Lloyd and Ben Affleck who almost seems to have found the expression of expressiveness in a role that fits him like a glove.

Bat-uncle watches over the grain

Moreover if his friend Matt Damon has multiplied collaborations with Clooney, it isone of the first two-generation Batman reunions between Affleck and Clooney. A touching fact when we know that Affleck will also find Keaton in The Flash in 2022, which would almost make us hope that Christopher Lloyd would take Affleck to the Delorean at the end of The Tender Bar to go see Adam West and Val Kilmer. See you in January 2022 on Amazon Prime to be sure.


Midnight Universe George Clooney returns big fat drama Amazon

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