Homage to Jean-Paul Belmondo: TF1 deprograms “A perfect mother” and offers the film “Itinerary of a spoiled child”


Tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo. On this Monday, September 6, 2021, TF1 deprograms the launch of its series “A Perfect Mother”, the first two episodes of which were to be broadcast this evening. The channel has in fact chosen to pay tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo who died today at the age of 88.

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Deprogramming “A perfect mother”: in homage to Jean-Paul Belmondo, TF1 broadcasts “Itinerary of a spoiled child”

The story : Abandoned by his mother, little Sam Lion is taken in by a fairground. He becomes a child of the ball, but sees his career shattered after a fall. He then reconverted into business and launched a large city cleaning company, which prospered beyond all hope. Sam married twice and had a child by each of his wives: Victoria and Jean-Philippe. One day, tired of his responsibilities, Sam decides to give up everything; he goes to sea alone and officially disappears. In fact, he sets sail and visits the world at his own pace. One day, he is recognized by Al, one of his former employees, a bartender in an African reserve.


In the cast of this cult film: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Richard Anconina, Marie-Sophie L., Lio, Pierre Vernier, Béatrice Agenin, Jean-Philippe Chatrier, Daniel Gélin, Paul Belmondo, Michel Beaune


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Homage JeanPaul Belmondo TF1 deprograms perfect mother offers film Itinerary spoiled child

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