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Motsi Mabuse shows herself again without a wig: Community cheers

19.08.2021 11:37 2.476

Community cheers: Motsi Mabuse is once again “topless”

Usually always with a wig, but on these holiday photos Motsi Mabuse finally presents herself “topless” again, much to the delight of her community.

Von Marc Thomé

Frankfurt am Main – Motsi Mabuses (40) Vacation is coming to an end. But before she goes back to the “Taunus Dance School” with her husband Evgenij Voznyuk (37), she shows up “Let’s Dance”-Jurorin once again super relaxed her Insta-Community.

Sometimes the difference is really huge: Motsi Mabuse with short curls (small picture) and with one of her wigs. © Image montage: Gerald Matzka / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa, Instagram / Motsi Mabuse

Motsi posted two photos for the hashtags holidaysareover, latesummer and readytorumble – roughly holidaysareover, # late summer and jetzt gehtslos.

On them she sits in comfortable clothes on a bench somewhere outdoors in the best weather. She looks badly recovered. So the work in the dance school can start again with a lot of momentum.

The community also thinks that Motsi looks totally fresh and relaxed in the photos. But one detail makes the fans particularly happy: She has finally shared pictures again in which she can be seen without a wig.

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Because in public the native South African always wears deceptively real-looking wigs with mostly long hair, which can sometimes be styled with really opulent hairstyles.

In her private life, of course, she usually does not have them on and shows herself quite naturally with her short curls – like in these photos that have now been shared.

Motsi Mabuse shows off her short curls

Motsi Mabuse’s fans wish: “Please leave your wigs off”

And the community just thinks that this look somehow suits you best.

“I love your natural hair” or “You look totally young and fresh with your hair” is one of the motto.

Some followers also find that the 40-year-old could actually appear at her public appearances without a wig.

New day, different wig at Motsi Mabuse

A female fan wrote: “Dear Motsi, you look great! So please leave your wigs off, you look a thousand times more beautiful.”

However, the wigs often make the sometimes extravagant appearance of Motsi really complete.

And so a follower remarks in a Solomonic way: “It’s unbelievable how wigs can change a person. You can hardly be recognized. But both look great on you, the short hair as well as the long mane.”

Cover photo: Image montage: Gerald Matzka / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa, Instagram / Motsi Mabuse

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Motsi Mabuse shows wig Community cheers

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