Josiane Balasko: who is her husband George Aguilar?

Josiane Balasko: who is her husband George Aguilar?
Josiane Balasko: who is her husband George Aguilar?

This Monday August 2 at 9:05 p.m., France 3 rebroadcasts the film by Jean Becker A crime in Heaven. A feature film in which Jojo Braconnier (played by Jacques Villeret) plans to kill Lulu, his wife he no longer supports, played by Josiane Balasko. When the film was released in 2001, the actress was living a whole different storyline, much rosier. Two years earlier, in 1999, the year of his divorce from Philippe Berry, the father of his daughter Marilou, the actress had met George Aguilar on the set of the film The Frenchman’s Son. Four years later, in 2003, they said yes for life. Twenty years after their meeting, they still spin the perfect love.

Their secret? “It is knowing how to accept the other as he is, not to try to change him”, explained Josiane Balasko in 2019 in the columns of here is. “It’s like in politics, you have to know how to compromise. With George, I have no problem. What is good is that we are not stuck all the time. There he went to the United States to see his family. It’s good to have moments of breathing in the couple. And we have fun meeting each other afterwards », had estimated the actress. It can be good to get away sometimes and especially to avoid arguing over card games. “When I’m not happy, I curse the cards and tear them up. Then I laugh, and he too, in front of the ridiculousness of the situation ”, had entrusted the actress in an interview with Gala. Small shouts which allow them to laugh a lot.

© JACOVIDES-BORDE-MOREAU / BESTIMAGEGeorge Aguilar with his wife Josiane Balasko at the Cannes Film Festival, July 13, 2021

He is also an actor

If these two get along so well, it may also be because George Aguilar is also an actor. The man of Native American origin, born in the United States in 1952, makes appearances in the series The Little House On The Prairie, but it’s his role as a waiter in the film Bagdad coffee, in 1987, which truly reveals it to the general public. After appearances in the 1990s in Dark Blood and The army of the twelve monkeys, with Bruce Willis, George Aguilar was illustrated in an episode of the series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The rest of his career is more in France, influenced by his magnificent love story with Josiane Balasko. The actress directed her husband to the cinema in the movies Client and Half-sister, but also in the theater in the plays The night will be hot and A great moment of solitude.

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