discover the insane salary of actors Tom Ellis and Lauren German

discover the insane salary of actors Tom Ellis and Lauren German
discover the insane salary of actors Tom Ellis and Lauren German

Posted on Friday, May 28, 2021 at 3:07 p.m.

Signed Ciné-Télé-Revue

After a long absence, the sexiest demon and his accomplice are back in the second part of the fifth season of Netflix’s evil soap opera!

50,000 dollars, or approximately 41,000 euros. This is what would affect Tom Ellis and Lauren German, Both 42 years old, for each episode of ” Lucifer “, The second part of season 5 is available since Friday, May 28, on Netflix. Declined in total in sixteen parts, this penultimate salvo would have brought in 800,000 dollars (+ – 663,000 euros) to the interpreters of the sexy devil and the detective Chloe Decker!

Figures put forward by the financial site CelebrityNetWorth, which also estimates that the fortune of Lauren German, also seen in “Chicago Fire” and some horror films (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” with Jessica Biel, “Hostel, Chapter II” …), Amounts to 4 million dollars, while that of Tom Ellis would weigh 6 million dollars (of which at least 3.5 million would come from “Lucifer”, according to the magazine The Richest).

Note that the salaries of the actors were very probably inflated for the rest and end of the series, very widely followed and appreciated by viewers and subscribers of Netflix.

On the way to season 6

Saved by the streaming giant after its cancellation in 2018 by the American channel FOX, “Lucifer” will indeed return next year for a sixth and final season. A last lap that almost never saw the light of day! As Netflix granted a fourth and fifth final salvo to the show it picked up from TV, fans managed to bend the big N, who then ordered a sixth (and this time, truly the last) batch of episodes. , whose production has dragged on… because of Tom Ellis! In renegotiating the contract, the actor has long refused offers from the studio. “Everyone wants Tom to be happy, but there is a limit, and it has been crossed,” said an anonymous source quoted by the TVLine site in April 2020. Common ground has finally been found for the much to the delight of admirers of the King of the Underworld (and Tom’s Banker, most likely).


discover insane salary actors Tom Ellis Lauren German

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