Adele: Like Harry & Meghan: Oprah interview in front of a fairytale backdrop

Adele: Like Harry & Meghan: Oprah interview in front of a fairytale backdrop
Adele: Like Harry & Meghan: Oprah interview in front of a fairytale backdrop

Singer Adele (33) had withdrawn from the public and the music business for six years. In November she celebrated her comeback with her new album “30”, which touches and inspires both fans and critics. Public appearances and interviews are now back on the program for the multiple Grammy winner. With the hype surrounding her new album, it is no wonder that show master Oprah Winfrey (67) personally invited the 33-year-old singer for a conversation.

The setting is somehow familiar: Similar to the famous scandal interview between Oprah and Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (40), the talk master also meets with Adele in a beautiful garden. Matching the white roses in the background, the exceptional musician has thrown herself into a snow-white, elegant trouser suit. It just makes you look gorgeous and emphasizes your top figure. This dream in white immediately arouses wedding fever. Is she already practicing for her new partner Rich Paul (39)?

In the video above you can marvel at both the breathtaking scenery and Adele’s eye-catching look!

Adele enchants in the leather look at the side of her partner Rich Paul

Even though the singer has only officially been dating her new partner since May, the couple seem overjoyed. You can also see that when they appear together at a basketball game in Los Angels. Adele laughs wildly and obviously seems to be having fun. After the difficult divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki (48), it was a long way to get here. It is precisely this separation that the 33-year-old processes in her current album.

But Adele is not only celebrating musical successes again, but has also made a remarkable visual change. During her break, the singer is said to have lost 50 kilos and she seems to enjoy showing off her new body. So she puts on a wow appearance at the side of her new partner at the Lakers game: The all-over leather look attracts everyone’s attention!


Adele Harry Meghan Oprah interview front fairytale backdrop

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