Carole Bouquet: why she hated playing in James Bond

Playing in James Bond allowed Carole Bouquet to launch her career in France and abroad, but the actress does not have very good memories of the filming of Just for your eyes released in 1981.

The role of James Bond Girl is rather coveted by film actresses, any nationality combined. The incredible media exposure of the adventures of 007 makes it possible to make itself known very quickly to the general public all over the planet. Everyone remembers for example Ursula Andress in a white bikini in James Bond vs. Dr No. When she is hired to respond to Roger Moore on Just for your eyes in 1981, Carole Bouquet is a young beginning actress. She made herself known in That Obscure Object of Desire of Luis Bunuel in 1977 and the James Bond should allow him to give a dazzling boost to his career. However, the French actress, then 24 years old, did not have very good memories of the shoot.

To start, the role of James Bond Girl did not attract her more than that « for fear of being labeled for life as the very pretty girl »Confided Carole Bouquet to Vanity Fair. A prejudice that was confirmed on the set: ” I shot it, the James Bond, and I pissed myself off a little. I was a pretty plant and it’s very boring to play, the only beauty “. In Madame Figaro, the actress added: ” At the time, to play in a James Bond, you had to be a pretty plant, but not necessarily a good actress. Besides, it was horrible to act in this film where there were so many special effects. I had to swim on a mat or in front of an aquarium to make it look like it was in the open sea ».

“I have always been scared”

Zuma Press / Bestimage

And Carole Bouquet did not withdraw no pride in being chosen, among other things, by its beauty. She then explained that she had a complicated relationship with her body and the image she sent back. « I didn’t know that I was pretty. It’s when I watch the movies today that I realize it », Says the actress. The ex-companion of Gérard Depardieu even specifies that her physique may have hampered her in her relationship with the male sex. ” But I was scary. Jhave always been scary. The men I have known for a long time, it is today that they dare to tell me how much I terrorized them. The distance they had with me was terrible ».


Her role as James Bond Girl still allowed Carole Bouquet to make herself known all over the world. And her pretty face caught the eye of Chanel who made her her muse at the end of the 80s, in particular to become the emblem of its perfume N ° 5. Thanks James Bond.

Photo credits: Zuma Press / Bestimage


Carole Bouquet hated playing James Bond

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