Elsa Hosk accused of child pornography because of a photo of her baby, she reacts

Accused of child pornography after sharing a photo of her seven-month-old daughter, Elsa Hosk responds to the controversy. On Instagram, the Swedish model defended himself by condemning his detractors.

“It’s something normal, which happens every day.” By sharing a photo of herself and her baby, Elsa Hosk certainly did not expect to be accused of child pornography. On September 14, 2021, the model posted a snapshot of her and her seven-month-old daughter on Instagram. The duo, naked on the bed of a hotel room, admire the breathtaking view of New York. In caption, the top 32 years old writes: “Let me tell you about the city where your father and I fell in love”. A family memory that turned into a nightmare for the young mother. According to many Internet users, the Swedish top would have endangered Tuulikki’s life by exposing him in this way to perverts and pedophiles. Others went so far as to reproach him for not having had his daughter’s consent.

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@ hoskelsa / Instagram

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Elsa Hosk takes responsibility for her choices

Annoyed by the controversy and these accusations, Elsa Hosk preferred to remove the said photos before responding to her detractors. “Posting a photo with her naked baby is not child pornography,” she begins. “It’s something normal, happening every day. All over the world. What if I decide to post these photos , it’s my choice”. Indignant by the controversy, she believes that “if someone sick on the internet thinks it’s pornography, it’s their problem, not mine.” “I refuse to live my life being afraid of what this person could do on the internet,” she asserts. For the top, “skin to skin” is “one of my favorite things”: “It produces hormones that help us bond even stronger.” As for her daughter, she specifies that she is “where she should be”, that is to say in “my arms”.

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Elsa Hosk deplores the taboo around nudity

Elsa Hosk deplores the vision of the body, and of nudity, conveyed – especially on social networks: “We (in Sweden, editor’s note) did not teach us that our bodies were something that we had to hide, for fear of what another person might think. I believe it has allowed me to have a healthy relationship with my body and nudity. ” A freedom that allowed her to “never” feel “uncomfortable being naked”. The young mother recalls that “if you have a baby, nudity is part of your daily life”. Before concluding: “These photos taken by my boyfriend were a special moment. If you think it’s pornography, you should be ashamed of yourself, not me.”

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