Mammo or not mammo? by Dr Cécile Bour (book)

Mammo or not mammo? by Dr Cécile Bour (book)
Mammo or not mammo? by Dr Cécile Bour (book)

This new book is therefore intended for all women (and in particular senior women aged 50 to 74) who have questions about breast cancer screening or who plan to do it on their own initiative or that of their doctor.

It was designed by a specialist in the issue, Cécile Bour, radiologist in the Metz region who chairs the Pink Cancer association, based on questions from patients. It aims to provide the information necessary to help each woman to better understand the challenges of this screening, to know its drawbacks and to discuss them with her doctor.

We have known for years, especially in October on the occasion of Pink October (the month against breast cancer), women are made aware of the benefits of breast cancer screening by the media, Insurance disease, doctors… But in the end, how many know that having a mammogram every two years also carries risks?

There are indeed many risks, starting with that of overdiagnosis which can lead to unnecessary and distressing examinations and treatments. To this should be added other consequences that can be serious for women’s health: false alarms, exposure to radiation, side effects of treatments, etc.

These risks are such that the question of screening is today the subject of a lively controversy in the heart of the scientific community. A debate from which women are kept apart. “Because we have never presented the data to them in a balanced way, some readers will certainly only now discover that the relevance of breast cancer screening is scientifically contested,” explains Dr. Cécile Bour.

And to add: “my own experiences as a radiologist and the discussions in the privacy of
consultations made it clear to me to what extent, for a woman, the decision to
to be screened or not cannot be taken in a clear-cut manner, but that it is the result of a
progression. It is still necessary that each woman be duly informed, which is a question
fairness and ethics. ”

As a reminder, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in France and is the main cause of death for them due to this disease.

INCa estimates that 80% of breast cancers occur after the age of 50. It is from this age that a regularly repeated screening is the most effective in order to increase the chances of recovery in the event of illness.

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