With Sonos, Ikea unveils the speaker that hangs like a painting

With Sonos, Ikea unveils the speaker that hangs like a painting
With Sonos, Ikea unveils the speaker that hangs like a painting
Ikea -Sonos SYMPHONIC: a design above.

Ikea continues to benefit from its partnership with Sonos. After unveiling in particular the lamp-speaker, he formalized a very flat enclosure six centimeters thick covered by an interchangeable frame enhanced with a work of art. Not bad for 200 francs with additional frames at 20 francs.

The concept is both simple and elegant. “With the new SYMFONISK Wi-Fi speaker, people can enjoy both enveloping sound and a beautiful work of art,” writes the global furniture giant, which hits hard once again after having so much made to democratize the smart home to the connected output (our test)!

A real Sonos speaker by Ikea!

Available from July 15, this new SYMFONISK speaker connects to Wi-Fi and can be used as a single sound source in a room, or be connected to other products in the SYMFONISK range or to other Sonos products. It is also possible to use two in parallel to listen to your music in stereo, according to the PRfact agency.

Like previous SYMFONSIK products, this new speaker is also part of the Sonos system, so listeners can connect to over 100 streaming services and the full range of Sonos products. If this column is as successful as the previous ones, the sound quality promises to be there. We will come back to that!

With the expertise of Ikea

Not only does Sonos bring its undeniable know-how in terms of musicality and the internet, but Ikea brings its ergonomic touch. This speaker can therefore not only hang on the wall, but also be placed on the floor, in a slightly inclined manner, as shown in the photos below.

On the design side, Ikea has thought of incorporating small “insulating” parts to be fixed behind or below the speaker to attenuate the transmission of parasitic waves in the ground, in particular. Once again, Ikea demonstrates not only its ingenuity, but its design know-how as well. This Sonos-Ikea partnership surprises us once again!

Xavier Studer

Ikea presents its ultimate SYMFONISK.


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Sonos Ikea unveils speaker hangs painting

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