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The artist Guillaume Bottazzi illuminates the halls of buildings in the Paris region with his creations

He invests the residences to bring well-being to the inhabitants. Guillaume Bottazzi recently hung his enamels in many buildings in Seine-Saint-Denis.

That day, Guillaume Bottazzi installed one of his paintings in a building in Bobigny. He supervises the hanging as he would for a large exhibition. Internationally renowned artist, Guillaume Bottazzi has presented his works around the world with a predilection for public space. In Bobigny, it is a new residence which hosts one of his creations. “I wanted to bring an air bubble. White refers to peace. It’s soft. I bring well-being and I wish that the inhabitants, every time they pass in front of the work , it does them good “, explains the artist.

At the Georges Méliès university residence in Montreuil, it is a polyptych by the artist that stands in the entrance hall. Installed last March, the more than 2 meters high work made of enamel is a delight for residents. “It is as if the artist told us through the paintings: after each distress, there is a light that will illuminate your life” says a student. For others, it is an invitation to travel. “In a second, we are teleported elsewhere” confides a young woman.

In Vaujours, Guillaume Bottazzi also makes the inhabitants of a building travel to Japan every day. Bagnolet is the next town on the artist’s list.

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