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Émilie transforms philodendron leaves into works of art

Émilie transforms philodendron leaves into works of art
Émilie transforms philodendron leaves into works of art

Saturday September 4, 2021 – 8:36 a.m.

The idea of ​​painting on plants came to him during the confinement of November 2020. The result is impressive.

Artist at heart, Émilie Chomereau Lamotte paints all kinds of patterns on philodendron leaves. Colorful creations, each more original than the next.

24 years ago, Émilie pointed the tip of her nose at Balata. The young girl has always lived between the tropical forest and the sea, an environment that has influenced her life and professional choices. From a very young age, Émilie has been passionate about painting, an art that she practices with her grandmother. She is also passionate about photography and drawing which were for her the only way to memorize the beautiful images of her island. Now holding a graphic designer diploma and a master’s degree in web design that she obtained in Bordeaux, Émilie has just created her own business in Martinique. Thus, the graphic design studio “Emi Créa” which offers communication media: flyers, posters, business cards, is born. In parallel with her activity as a graphic designer, Émilie continues to paint in acrylics.

When she returned to the country in November 2020, the island was in full containment. Non-essential businesses are closed. Without being able to obtain canvas to paint, Émilie had the idea of ​​using the leaves of the philodendron giganteum, which grow abundantly around her house, as a support. This smooth medium is ideal for painting, and its large surface allows him to let his imagination run free. The young designer offers her first bouquet to her mother who put it on display in her living room. Each visitor found this idea excellent and encouraged Émilie to continue. Friends of the family began to regularly order leaves to offer and decorate their home. Thanks to social networks, the public then discovered his creations.

The leaves keep for several months

The philodendron giganteum leaf is part of the Aracea family and comes from the Caribbean, Colombia and Venezuela. Its name means “who loves trees”, because this climbing plant readily embraces trees. Its large leaves are sometimes oval, pointed or heart-shaped, but also indented or provided with conspicuous veins. Depending on the variety, the size can range from 40 cm to 3 meters. The resistance of the plant allows to keep the decorated leaf for several months in a pot with water. Once cut, the leaf will feed on the elements present in its stem, which is why a small decorated leaf lasts on average 3 months, if it is stored well in water and protected from the sun. A larger leaf can live up to 6 months before drying out. Émilie works to order. The leaves are worked at the last minute, for better conservation. This work is an opportunity for her to showcase tropical flora and “Made in Martinique” art.

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