It vertically breaks the penis in action

It vertically breaks the penis in action
It vertically breaks the penis in action

It’s a great first, but an unfortunate 40-year-old Briton would undoubtedly have gone well. During intercourse, the man suffered an extremely painful injury: he fractured his penis lengthwise. As researchers in BMJ Journals point out, this is the first known case of its kind. So far, doctors had only dealt with cases of horizontal lesions. “The patient explained that his penis hit his partner’s perineum, which broke it,” the study authors explain.

At first, however, nothing suggested a fracture. The patient’s penis had swelled slightly and was in great pain, but the doctors did not immediately realize that it was broken. In addition, the 40-year-old did not refer to any cracking noise normally associated with a fracture. “In addition, we did not feel a ‘rolling’ in the erectile tissue during the examination,” explained the doctors who took care of the patient.

It was only six months later that the medical profession wanted to be clear about it by performing an MRI. While they thought to rule out the presence of a fracture, the doctors had to admit their misdiagnosis. The connective tissue, which surrounds the testes and corpora cavernosa like a shell, showed a distinct tear that extended more than three centimeters down the length of the penis: it was indeed a vertical fracture of the penis. The 40-year-old underwent surgery and was able to have normal sex again six months later. According to Forbes, neither the erection nor the curvature of the penis were affected by this accident.

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vertically breaks penis action

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