going to bed late increases the risk of obesity

According to a new Chinese study, going to bed regularly after midnight would make you fat, especially in the belly.

We know that lack of sleep is (very) bad for your health. Going to bed late and sleeping little increases the cardiovascular risk, promotes memory and attention disorders, upsets the balance of the intestinal microbiota …

According to a recent Chinese study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), people who go to bed late and sleep too little are at increased risk of obesity.

To reach this conclusion, researchers at Fuwai Hospital (in China) worked with a group of 136,652 volunteers (recruited between 2005 and 2009) aged 35 to 70. Among the participants, 14.4% (or 19,660 people) went to bed regularly “late”, that is to say after midnight.

Going to bed late makes your belly fat

Result? Researchers found that people who regularly went to bed “late” (more specifically: between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.) had an increased risk of obesity, and especially abdominal obesity.

As a reminder, we speak of obesity when the body mass index (BMI) is greater than 30. The body mass index is calculated by dividing the weight (in kilograms) by the height (in meters) previously multiplied by it. -even. Abdominal obesity, for its part, corresponds to a waist circumference (at the navel) greater than 102 centimeters in men, 88 centimeters in women.

Why (…)

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bed late increases risk obesity

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