Beware of the flu this winter, warn British scientists

The flu could be more worrying than the Covid-19 this winter, warn experts in the UK. According to Anthony Harnden, a member of the committee on vaccination and immunity, the sharp drop in influenza cases last year may have lowered immunity to the disease.

The flu could become a bigger problem that the Covid-19, he estimates on the BBC Monday, June 21, 2021. British health experts are making it a major challenge for next winter, especially in the event of a new epidemic wave of coronavirus. In France, the flu killed more than 65,000 between 2012 and 2020.

Boris Johnson makes a case for vaccination

Usually, the flu vaccination period starts as early as September in Britain, but all efforts are currently focused on tackling Covid-19. A call was made to the government to ask what flu plan has been planned.

Visiting a government health agency, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed on Monday that scientists say the flu will come back this winter, that we will have a difficult winter for all kinds of reasons …

All the more reason to reduce the number of Covid cases now in order to give the NHS (British social security) time to cope, did he declare.


Beware flu winter warn British scientists

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