How to renew the dialogue with your teenager?

How to renew the dialogue with your teenager?
How to renew the dialogue with your teenager?

Who has never tried to strike up a dialogue with their teenager without facing a wall? Approaching it with questions or focusing only on your notes is often not the most effective method. On the other hand, by being interested in his interests and by sharing activities with him, you can gradually strengthen the bonds.

Approach it differently

Establishing a dialogue with your teenager often means starting by talking about yourself! Rather than bombarding him with questions, you can strike up a conversation about your day, preferably by sharing an activity together. This could be for example the preparation of the meal or the table which places you side by side rather than face to face.

The teenager will thus feel less scrutinized and more at ease in giving confidences. So don’t talk to him directly about what he did but rather about how he felt, for example asking him what made him laugh or made him angry.

Take a sincere interest in him

The intergenerational gap that exists between parents and their adolescents very often contributes to the prejudices and stereotypes that some may have about others. Establishing a dialogue also means going beyond that by taking a sincere interest in what preoccupies your child, whether it be video games, music, series or films for example.

Of course the idea is not to devote all your time together to what he wants to do only, but you can regularly organize leisure time around subjects which fascinate him or which fascinate you to share and make discover the to one another.

Find out more: “Almost unstoppable recipes for talking to your teenager”, by Angélique Motte and Claire Raimbaud, Flammarion editions.


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