now 31 cases of Indian variant in the Landes

now 31 cases of Indian variant in the Landes
now 31 cases of Indian variant in the Landes

The Landes Prefecture once again calls for vigilance: not only is the incidence rate rising in the department, over 35% in three weeks, but the Indian variant seems to be gaining ground. Following two cases detected (in a focus of four cases) at the beginning of the week, the Regional Health Agency has indeed decided to launch generalized screening. Result: 29 “new” positive cases for this virus mutation have been identified, in addition to twenty suspected cases (see below). In total therefore, about fifty cases while Public Health France announced Thursday that “more than a hundred cases“were detected throughout the national territory (not counting these new Landes cases).

All of these positive cases are grouped together in about fifteen sources of contamination, in six communities of different communes. The Indian variant, according to early studies, shows signs of resistance to the vaccine, especially if only one dose was injected. It would also be more transmissible than the classic strain according to Santé Publique France. The peculiarity of the “zero case” in the Landes is that the tested high school student had no contact with a person returning from England or India..

Public Health France speaks moreover of “start of community transmission“in some regions. The Indian variant is on the rise in England where it endangers the last stage of deconfinement. The spread of the two variant mutations in France, however, remains” insignificant “for the moment.

What are the “suspected cases”?

These are people positive for Covid-19 within the same clusters where the Indian variant is present, but whose sequencing (in-depth analysis of the tests) does not detect an Indian variant mutation. In its official communication, “the ARS estimates that around twenty other cases exist“and therefore takes into account these patients, to arrive at 50 cases of Indian variant”estimated“in the Landes.


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